Velum Design Franchise System Goes Live!

Velum Design Franchise System Goes Live!

Service-oriented projects are typically a stressful undertaking, even when professionals are involved. The uncertainty of timelines, budgets, and final product keep one guessing, until that final unveiling when all of a home or business owners’ questions will be answered. Velum Design is here to give the world a guaranteed, no-guess solution to ceilings. This European-born company has been around since 2009, perfecting both their product and service along the way. The brand has continued to generate positive outpourings from their clients and is now seeking to expand their brand throughout the U.S. through their exciting franchise launch!

Velum Design’s stretch ceilings are a superior solution to a variety of issues. This material is typically installed within 2 hours or less by a team of specialists, all with zero construction clean up afterwards, eliminating the need to move furnishings from the room. Velum Design offers a product that doesn’t mold or mildew and can withstand water weight that may happen due to pipe or roof leaks. Carefully curated materials make up every ceiling, making them easy-to-clean and durable. In the case that a ceiling is punctured, a Velum Design specialist can quickly repair the hole, restoring it to its original beauty within the same day.

The Velum Franchise System makes an incredible offer for veterans and military service members.  It is a service based platform which offers customers a premium product and is based on accountability and professional service quality.  The franchise opportunity is part of a well-established brand that offers a unique, premium product that is resistant, versatile, and satisfying. The stretch ceilings come in a variety of colors, textures, and types and can be used within any home or business, lending to the brand’s sprawling market applicability. Velum Design offers a franchise opportunity that includes a team of industry experts that will guide franchisees every step of the way, from planning to launch, and throughout operations.

Franchise buyers will find that Velum Design is within an industry that is very straightforward. There is minimal competition and the business model is very simple, containing one major product line. The franchise system includes marketing, operational instruction, administrative procedures, and a full training program. Individuals with a background in sales and customer service will thrive within this business. The total investment is reasonable at an average of $102K, which includes the franchise fee of $35K.

This is a business venture that offers a service and product that fills a need within the market. Individuals who are driven and motivated will find that Velum Design gives them the keys to success, allowing a person to be in business for themselves but never alone. To learn more about the Velum Design franchise launch and the support systems therein, please visit their website at


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