Kolache Shoppe: Now Franchising!

It all began on a small street in Houston in 1970. Then-owner Erwin Ahrens created a pillowy-soft dough recipe that boasted authentic Czech taste in every kolache found in that shop. These proprietary recipes would be the foundation of the Kolache Shoppe; ownership passed to husband and wife team Randy and Lucy Hines in 2014. Kolache Shoppe has over 44 years of foundational business knowledge, using this wisdom to build a brand of greatness. Poised for growth and having a solidified franchise system in place, Kolache Shoppe is proud to announce its franchise launch!

What makes the Kolache Shoppe’s kolaches better than anywhere else? It’s all about the dough. Given time to rise and using fresh ingredients, this perfected product happily holds sweet fruits, delicious cheese varieties, and savory meats. Customers boast their love for Kolache Shoppe across all social media platforms, saying things like “Best kolache place in all of existence! I come here almost every day and the employees are always super friendly to me” and “The freshest of ingredients always used. Whether you eat-in or carry out, you will be extremely pleased”. The fun atmosphere and pure joy seeping from each employee and visitor is impossible not to notice.

With a wonderful product line in place and two corporate locations successfully operating, the company has developed an excellent franchise system through which to deliver every part of the business into the hands of qualified franchisees. Detailed operating manuals, proprietary kolache recipes, a trusted POS system, on-trend branding, and proven operating methods make Kolache Shoppe a sure thing within the franchise marketplace. This opportunity fits into today’s quick-bite culture while presenting a menu that offers something for a variety of patrons.

Kolache Shoppe is seeking franchise buyers who will engage with the community, lead the brand to further growth, and represent Kolache Shoppe as the hometown star that it is. Kolache Shoppe is a high-end bakery and a natural trendsetter in the marketplace, so each franchise buyer must be outgoing and great with face-to-face interaction. The company has several exclusive territories as an added perk to early adopters. Are you ready to grow with a company destined to be a household name? Kolache Shoppe is your answer.

Now is the time to get in on this ground floor opportunity with Kolache Shoppe. For more information on the Kolache Shoppe’s franchise launch, visit their franchise page at http://kolacheshoppefranchise.com/ and fill out the contact form! Don’t miss out on your chance to own your very own Kolache Shoppe.


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