Key Traits of a Successful Veteran Franchise Owner

The main reason that a service member chooses to invest in a franchise is that the franchisor (parent organization) has already established the business and it’s proven to be successful. But successful budget sheets and forecast projections aren’t going to be the only things you need to make your new venture successful. As a veteran, you’re uniquely poised to be a very successful franchise owner – for a few key reasons.

You know that Rome wasn’t built overnight. A key indicating factor to the failure of businesses is that the owner doesn’t have the fortitude and willpower to overcome the early challenges that come from trying to build a successful business.
It’s easy to forget that some of the most dynamic and successful companies in the history of business have endured their fair share of hard times. Instead of throwing in the towel, the founders of these companies recognized the challenges and worked to overcome them. As a veteran, you’re perfectly poised to weather these kinds of storms. Your professional training has provided you with a core truth that many people lack – you know you aren’t easily deterred when confronted with challenges or obstacles. You have the grit and sheer determination to accomplish your objective, no matter how overwhelming it might feel. Even though a franchise is likely going to come without many of the associated headaches of a start-up, fresh-from-the-ground business, there are still going to be hurdles to master. You have the capacity to identify these blockades, develop a new strategy, and find a way around them.

There isn’t a better organization in the world that’s better at building leaders than the military. To run and operate a successful business, an owner needs to have a vision of the kind of organization that s/he wants to create. Franchises give owners a great opportunity to exercise their leadership capabilities while having the foreknowledge of others who have done it before them. As a veteran, you have the most dynamic and versatile skill set available, and you’re well equipped to take on many leadership roles. This combination is an ideal matchup when considering opening a franchise. The key here is that the successful franchise owner is going to be able to take on a leadership role with increasingly more demanding responsibilities all the while maintaining the vision of the franchise.

A business team has to have a clear vision and a direct route of the path that they’re going to follow. That’s why business plans are so important when starting a ground-up business. Franchises differ in that the teamwork that the owner is able to have with the parent company means that you’re never going to have to go it alone. Veterans wholeheartedly understand the culture of teamwork. Camaraderie is an essential element to a successful organization. The ability to appreciate and develop this culture of interdependence is invaluable to both you as the franchise owner and your future employees. You have already proven that you can be dropped into any situation in the world and find a way to work together with people who might come from different backgrounds; running a business is no different.

You’re already equipped to handle more than your civilian peers. Opening a franchise allows you to put all of those skills to work in an environment that supports, encourages, and futures you – and one that if given enough attention and care, can be very successful as well.

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