Franchises Designed For Veterans

Franchises Designed For Veterans

The brave men and women who fight for the freedom of our country often come back from their military service and wonder what is the next step for them. Veterans are in search of a foothold that will adequately use their newfound know-how and productively progress their lives forward in a new and exciting way. We have the answer: franchising. Owning a franchise is the perfect choice for anyone coming out of military service. These are people who have already gained the appropriate skills needed to successfully own and operate their business. We put together a list of five reasons that veterans make incredible franchisees.

Know-How to Stay in Line and Follow a Franchise System

When it comes to following the rules, a veteran is well accustomed. They are inducted into a tried and true way of doing things throughout their military stint. Similarly, a franchise is a turn-key operation that has flourished to the point of franchisement due to a particular set of processes and operational practices that have gotten the entity to that point. A veteran possesses the proper habitual behaviours to follow the operations and practices of a franchise, giving them the right attitude for success.

Being a part of a Team and Working For The Greater Good

Since a veteran has had to lean on a team of trusted colleagues in what may have been dire situations, leaning on a team when it comes to business is no new idea. Within a franchise, leaning on the support that comes with the franchisee is crucial to the growing business. Essentially, a franchisee is signing on to become a team member of a larger organization. They share several things, such as the reputation of the brand, marketing collateral, menu or service offerings, and the name of the company, which means they must work synergically to succeed. A veteran has lived this reality through their military service and it’s no stretch to be a part of the team within a franchise. We see a sense of pride innate within a veteran’s characteristics that easily translates into the team setting

Understand the Training and Techniques for Success

Along the same vein as ongoing support comes the initial and consistent training that is received when signing on for franchise ownership. Veterans have been trained to train. Akin to basic training within the military, a franchisee experiences a tiered version of training that carefully builds upon itself up to the point where a franchisee is 100% capable of operating the business. Some companies offer shorter training periods than others, but, no matter the length, a veteran grasps the understanding of training before launching the business. They understand that without the basics, their business may die.

Taking Action

Ask any business owner and they will tell you: that their business started because they took action to do so. Likewise, franchisees must be able to think on their feet and actively problem-solve while following a plan. Perhaps a location has different traffic than was initially planned for or perhaps there is a sudden influx of business due to an increase in population within an area; the veteran can both follow the plan laid out within the first operational trajectory while also leading the company forward in new and unexpected ways towards gainfulness.

Can Handle the Bumps and Bruises

After something like gunfire, Bootcamp, or bombshells, a business hiccup is nothing more than a bump in the business road. A veteran is well equipped mentally and emotionally for the normal stresses and challenges of business ownership. They understand that a challenge can be exciting and fun with the right perspective. The leadership skills and problem-solving skills needed to handle the unexpected situations of business owners make the veteran the perfect candidate to take on a franchise.

Veterans are seeking the teamwork, camaraderie, and infrastructure that once made their military careers so successful. They understand what it means to be both a leader and a follower simultaneously. Veterans will represent a brand with gusto and know-how. Veterans make incredible franchisees.  Franchise Marketing Systems has worked with many veteran-owned franchise brands and fully supports the model of veterans in franchising for both franchisors and franchisees.

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