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Website Closers franchise

Webite Closers is the world’s leading business brokerage, selling over $750 million worth of web and tech companies since our inception.


An Innovative Concept

Webite Closers is the world’s leading business brokerage, selling over $750 million worth of web and tech companies since our inception. We are the thought leader and go-to business brokerage to represent business owners and shareholders of digital companies of all varieties. We are comprised of a highly experienced team of brokerage professionals who are fully dedicated to serving the interests of the online and internet asset entrepreneur. Having closed deals all over the world, the obvious next step for Website Closers is to become a global company. We are extending an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of this powerful, industry leader’s expansion through our franchise offering!

website closers franchise

The Leadership Behind the Name

Founded in 2013 by Jason Guerrettaz and Ron Matherson, Website Closers was created as a tool to help sellers of online businesses looking for an exit strategy, and who also needed the guidance of a brokerage that understands an internet business’s daily operations. Website Closers has a mission of not only educating the best and brightest as its intermediaries but to place those intermediaries around the world to work hand-in-hand with our valued clients. Franchisees are gaining a strong leadership team, a century of combined experience, and a proven business model that has driven Website Closers forward!

Meet Jason Guerrettaz

Mr. Guerrettaz is a former corporate counsel to mid-market and Fortune 500 companies. His duties have also included serving as general manager of the largest digital marketing firm in its industry. This experience motivated him to found his own company, United Commerce Group, Inc. which is the parent company for a number of web properties including,,, and The experience gained as a corporate attorney and small business owner spawned the development of Website Closers.

website closers franchise

Meet Ron Matheson

Mr. Matheson has been in the business of buying and selling online companies for over 20 years. He has owned a variety of businesses, including Off The Wall, Thomas Kinkade Signature Galleries, Dixies Hot Cinnabuns, and more. In 2005, Mr. Matheson began his pursuit of brokerage. He was consistently ranked in the top 10, won several awards, and earned the reputation of one of the top brokers in the country. In 2012, he began working with Jason Guerrettaz and they teamed up to launch what has now become the largest main street to mid-market tech brokerage in the world.

The Support That Makes Us Different

We are not just any business brokerage. Our leadership team boasts ex-military officers, attorneys, and past business owners, all of which currently own and operate a large portfolio of tech companies in various industries. Our combined experience allows us to differentiate ourselves from others in this space. The Website Closers franchise model is a home-based business with an exclusive territory and offers franchisees the following:

Website Closers University

This is our mandatory 30-day training program that will take place at headquarters in Orlando, Florida. This includes training on financial instruments, the art of closing a business, and how to run a franchise to be highly profitable.

Advisory Committee

All members of our firm will have an advisory committee at their disposal to assist as needed. Website Closers’ franchisees will have access to over 100 years of experience of closing deals to help get past the finish line and close!


Our firm specializes in digital marketing. Website Closers corporate will run ad campaigns on behalf of each franchise location and provide all leads straight into the hands of the franchisees.

Administrative Support

We provide our franchisees all of the NDAs, offering memorandum, and document prep needed to successfully operate their franchise. Website Closers corporate will put together the marketing collateral, assist with the flow of funds, and connect franchisees with the appropriate professionals to assist with all aspects of closing.

Scale Training

Website Closers trains our franchisees how to hire local brick & mortar brokers to operate in a local office and close local deals.

website closers franchise

The Perfect Candidate

We are awarding the Website Closers franchise to those that meet the following qualifications:

  • Exceptional Communication Skills
  • Strong Marketing and Sales Skills
  • Motivated and Enthusiastic
  • Maintains Ethical Business Practices
  • Integrity, Honesty, and Excellence
  • Strong Organizational Skill Set
  • Meets Minimum Guidelines of $165K in Investment Capital

What’s Next?

Website Closers wants to hear from franchise candidates who are driven, motivated, and professional. For more information on this franchise opportunity, please visit our webpage at

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