Water Station Technology


HE ONLY VENDING MACHINE TO CREATE SPRING-LIKE DRINKING WATER THROUGH A NATURAL MINERALIZATION PROCESS. GREAT TASTING, FRESHLY PURIFIED WATER, 24 HOURS A DAY! The WST-700 is a state-of-the-art water dispensing system that       purifies drinking water to a very high standard and then percolates it through layers of natural minerals to produce a soft, silky water in one, three and five gallon increments.

WaterStation Technology is revolutionizing water vending machines

We are growing rapidly across the US with demand coming from major retailers nation wide

Key Differentiators:

  • Remote System Monitoring:
    • Real-time data isn’t available on any competitor’s machines resulting in inefficient and costly management efforts. WST-700 is equipped with telemetry providing real-time data including filter status, cash-on-hand, volume of water sold, etc. Thousands of machines can be monitored and managed from a single computer.
  • Cashless (Credit Cards and Mobile Wallet): 
    • WST-700 accept Visa™, MasterCard™, Discover™, American Express™, Apple Pay™, Google Wallet™, Samsung Pay™, and Android Pay™. USA Technologies™, the industry leader in cashless payment, recently reported an average increase of 22% in gross revenue when a vending machine is equipped with a cashless reader.
  • Advertising Monitor:
    • WST-700 revenues can quickly surpass the national revenue average by as much as $500/month (per machine) by selling advertising through the standard equipped 15” LCD monitors.
  • Protected Technology:

Our WST700 is capable of alkaline processing; with alkaline mineralized water commanding a higher vend-price per gallon. Water filtered through our proprietary system will have spring water quality with higher pH, higher mineral content, and lower ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential).

Investment Options:

We partner with Joint Venture investors to deliver a completely passive investment opportunity. Our model, which is described below, allows investors the opportunity to partner with WaterStation Technology in supplying the purist water to consumers throughout the United States. Our investment options are:

Veteran Business Alliance Program (VeBAP)

  • 10 machine package = $120,000

Non-Veteran Joint Venture Partnership Investment Program

  • 33 machine package = $280,500
  • 66 machine package = $561,000
  • 100 machine package = $850,000
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