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Beauty is always fashionable. With over 16 years in the beauty industry, Urmi has carved out a space for itself within 11 existing locations throughout the Chicago area.


Beauty Knows No Bounds

Beauty is always fashionable. With over 16 years in the beauty industry, Urmi has carved out a space for itself within 11 existing locations throughout the Chicago area. Founded by Urmila and Barat Patel, we are a premier, upscale beauty service provider, dedicated to providing amazing results and unparalleled service to each and every one of our clients. Urmila first launched the Urmi concept using her 20+ years of experience in the industry together with original techniques learned from India. We strive to provide equal treatment to clientele of all types and backgrounds, giving them a wonderful service every visit.

The beauty industry has proven stable throughout the years, allowing Urmi to expand through franchising. We are on a mission to provide entrepreneurs everywhere a successful turnkey operation using our honed techniques, products, and equipment. Training, ongoing support, and a proven business model coupled with consistent positive customer feedback has set us up for expansion. Our brand is beckoning business-savvy individuals who are seeking a business opportunity with reasonable initial investment, affordable operational costs, and promising industry stability.

The Unparallelled Urmi Difference

Expert industry experience and a driving passion for beautiful results has launched our brand into its present successful trajectory. We stand out amidst the competition due to our consistent results and excellent customer interactions. Our current service menu includes eyebrow threading, nails, eyelash extensions, piercing, henna tattoos, and more. The Urmi business is flexible from a location standpoint, existing within mall kiosks, strip malls, or stand-alone buildings. Foot traffic within high end areas in conjunction with online marketing and referrals have build our brand to be the success that it is today. Not only do our services speak for themselves, but the nature of our business beckons for repeat customers who become lifelong fans and quick referral resources.

Our goal is to impress our customers with our level of dedication and proficiency. Franchisees can expect to obtain effective techniques through our comprehensive training program, as well as excellent guidance throughout ongoing support services. We are standouts in the franchise marketplace due to our expertise in a wide range of beauty practices. Through our founders’ experience, Urmi has discovered and dialed-in every piece of the beauty business, delivering an excellent franchise model and operational package into the hands of a franchise buyer.

The Best Fit For Urmi

Trusted techniques with natural and alluring results are always in high demand and is a solid investment for any beauty-business-minded candidate. Particularly, Urmi is seeking individuals with the following qualifications:

  • Excellence, honesty, and integrity are important qualities within a Urmi franchisee. We want business owners who will maintain the reputation of our company and continue to keep clients as the top-priority.
  • Our commitment to strong customer service has set us apart within the beauty industry. Franchisees will need to echo this philosophy, always putting the customer first.
  • Strong sales abilities are important for a Urmi candidate. We want a “people person” who will bond with customers and maintain the loyalty of each Urmi visitor through authentic conversation and wonderful service.
  • Great time and schedule management skills are important for our franchisees. Our sites typically have consistent foot traffic meaning a busy schedule throughout the day. Urmi requires excellent oversight of the timing and scheduling of all moving parts.
  • We need candidates that meet the initial financial requirements in order to successfully launch their business. An Urmi franchisee should have a minimum of $117K. A person who meets the above qualifications may be a great fit for our company! We want candidates who believe in the Urmi brand and who want to consistently deliver an amazing beauty experience, all while running a smooth business operation and delivering amazing customer service.

urmi salon franchise

More Urmi Perks

What else makes Urmi the go-to franchise option within the beauty industry?

Exclusive Territory

Early adopters have the opportunity to obtain exclusive territory rights for their very own Urmi franchise. Typically, this means you have exclusive access to a territory with a documented 50,000 to 100,000 population center and a 1 to 3 mile radius.

Customer Loyalty

We understand that the business of beautification is one of winning the loyalty and trust of its clientele. We believe that our gorgeous, flattering results coupled with high standards of customer service are what deliver an experience that beckons for brand loyalty from our visitors.

Proven Business Model

Under the strong leadership of Urmi and Barat Patel and the proven success of our 11 locations, we are confident in the Urmi business model and concept. We understand exactly what the business needs to flourish within any location and deliver those resources into the hands of our franchisees.

Site Selection Support

We provide site selection services to our franchise partners! Based on our experience, we help ensure that you are in a great location in which your beauty business may flourish. We help handle lease negotiations and make sure that you go into business with the best possible lease structure for your operation.

Comprehensive Training

We offer our franchisees with a two phase comprehensive training program that covers every single one of our beauty techniques, administrative and operational processes, and sales/ marketing matters. We will set you up for success from the very beginning.

A Solid Support System

Why should you choose Urmi as your business venture? We believe in setting up our franchisees for success throughout the life of their Urmi business.

Operational Support

You aren’t just buying a name; you are buying proven operational practices that have kept our business solid for years. We provide ongoing training and support in many areas critical to the success of your business, including new business development and lead generation for the franchisee. There will also be a significant amount of support through product development and industry expertise.

Marketing Support

Urmi will coordinate development of advertising materials and strategies for your franchise. We will also supply you with consumer marketing plans and materials for use at the local or regional level.

Purchasing Perks

We will negotiate quantity discounts on third party items and will help with all internal purchases on behalf of all of our franchisees. Urmi also offers preferred product line of Urmi lashes and adhesives.

Other Areas of Support

Urmi will provide initial oversight for financial, legal, and accounting elements for its franchisees. Additionally, we strive to discover and research methods and techniques that will enhance profitability. We will continue to adapt the model to the marketplace.

The Next Step

We are here to provide an excellent, exciting franchise opportunity for candidates who are hoping to get in on the ground floor of an extremely successful entity within the beauty industry. Join the Urmi team today.

Our franchise fee is $30,000. Complete the form for more detailed financial information. 

Our proven processes, expert marketing, in-depth training and superior franchise support will help you build your own successful business, one you can be proud of.

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