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Coastal Fog strives to provide an inspiring experience, for those who appreciate fine living and casual sophistication.

The CF Lifestyle

Beauty in natural creations, grace through simplified living, imagination that transports to other places—To experience the Coastal Fog lifestyle is to be introduced to an environment of uncompromised quality with relaxed refinement. The Coastal Fog strives to provide an inspiring experience, for those who appreciate fine living and casual sophistication. Through excellence in unrivaled service, quality, and all in a creative environment, our hope through Coastal Fog is to ultimately bring a sense of comfort, inspiration, and joy to the customer and the community.

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Coastal Fog franchise

Behind the Coastal Fog Brand

Originally founded in 2007 as Signature Jordan,LLC, Jordan Vainright Proctor made her dream of owning an art and design-based company a reality. Welcomed with open arms from the community, Signature Jordan,LLC quickly evolved into Coastal Fog — a retail storefront, interior design studio, a European style cafe and market, gourmet food retail, workshop center , and art and furniture studio to name a few.

Recognizing the pressing demand, Coastal Fog split ownership between sisters, Jordan Vainright Proctor and Jennifer Vainright Lutz, their mother, Marty Vainright and long-time family friend, Julie Dietrich.

In the time since Fall of 2016 ,opening under the operating model we know today, Coastal Fog has become a leader in the Eastern North Carolina market. The reports show it is due to this multifaceted business model and how it appeals to patrons of all ages and backgrounds.

There is a growing focus toward lifestyle businesses in the United States. More entrepreneurs are looking to turn their passions into their career but find the idea of starting from the ground up to be daunting and risky. By joining the Coastal Fog Franchise family, you are afforded an opportunity to start with a successful model. We are here to offer support, guidance, and structure on how to operate your Coastal Fog and how to manage the ever-evolving marketplace.

The Shop

The Market

The Model

At Coastal Fog, daily we are reminded that hospitality and good cheer are part of the experience. They are meant to help you leave your burdens at the door. For the Franchise, we have streamlined and developed a highly efficient model of the Shop and the Market to make your Franchise operation the best it can be. The Shop and the Market together are the heartbeat of Coastal Fog. Take a deeper look.

Shop Coastal Fog

The Shop at Coastal Fog features products curated for the CF lifestyle. At Coastal Fog you will see a combination of design elements, homewares, one of a kind gifts, gourmet food products, table wares, art , furniture and lighting to create an enchanting shopping environment. All product at CF is hand picked merchandise that is a reflection of the lifestyle we hold close to our hearts.

Since 2007, it has been a mission to find competitive and unique wholesale sources for Coastal Fog. Coastal Fog looks like it does and enjoys the sales it does because of the time spent curating the items. This includes everything from the gorgeous upholstery to the delicious charcuterie. When you join the CF family, you not only have access to these sources, but you are joining a buying plan where the product and the displays are presented to you. This cuts out the headache of looking for the product or finding the sources yourself.

Experience it Now

Offering simple, delicious and nourishing food with the highest quality sustainably sourced coffee, it is a beacon of light for those needing replenishing.

Breakfast offerings of handmade breads, pastries, and seasonal items allows for a quick and easy option before starting the work day. Handmade paninis and specialty lunch offerings satisfy a quick work lunch or a slow paced break from the workday. Late afternoons are a place to drop in for a glass of wine and a selection of gourmet cheese and delicacies served on rustic slate cheese boards.

In addition, the Market to Table menu is an offering of always available, fast pick up goodies perfect for your home gatherings, unexpected weekend guests or picnic basket. If you prefer to take the CF Market to your own table, consider it done. We love to pack up our fare in creative ways such as a European Charcuterie board for two or 100+. Let us suggest a soup, sandwich, and wine offering for a busy weekday night or tomato pie, prosciutto quiche and sweets for weekend house-guests. Call ahead and we will pack your picnic for the big game or day at the beach…in a Coastal Fog basket no less.


With You All the Way

When you join Coastal Fog as a franchise owner, you will receive outstanding support in a number of different exciting areas including:

Here to Help


As a member of the Coastal Fog franchise team, you will receive thorough and continual training and support. We believe the success of the franchise is in the foundation training.

An initial two to four week time period where franchisees are put through a complete management program. This is done in an effort to learn how to do business tasks such as Administrative Responsibilities, Hiring Processes, Managing the Technology, Software and Systems as part of the Business, Marketing the Operation, Daily Operations, Software, Insurance, Managing Cash Flow and Day to Day Financials

An experienced trainer from Coastal Fog will provide on-site training for a period of one to two weeks to assist in the commencement of operations

Franchisees will be required to attend up two days of refresher/update training per year up to two sessions


Exclusive territories can offer a competitive advantage in the franchise sales and marketing environment. As a result, the Coastal Fog franchise system will be granting its franchisees an exclusive territory. The territory will include a defined area and will be defined by a 100,000-250,000 population base or a five-mile radius from the location, whichever is smaller. We will look at each area (beyond population) to evaluate the potential for doing business in that region, based on numerous socio-economic factors such as average household income, existence of competition, etc.


The fee for one franchise is $50,000. Minimal start-up costs can be as low as about $518,050, depending on a number of factors. Please see chart below for details.

Investment Chart


Types of qualifications recommended for potential franchise owners
are based on skill sets and experience. The best Coastal Fog
franchisees will be great in dealing with people and will operate with complete integrity in the business and in front of the customer. They will understand and grasp the culture that Coastal Fog brings to the design industry and will be comfortable following a strict system of operating management. They will be a unique blend of a creative professional and a dynamic businessperson. The success of the Coastal Fog franchise program depends on the franchisees fitting a specific profile and managing the business in accordance with the Coastal Fog standards and performance model.


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