Tapville is a technology-forward concept providing an American-focused food menu with self-pour beer, wine and cider.

Tapville offers three franchise opportunities

Brick & Mortar Restaurant
Full restaurant, 3,500 –4,500 sq. feet footprint. Kitchen requirement

Kiosk located in shopping center, airport, entertainment venue

Mobile, private events, outdoor festivals, short-term for seasonal venues

Introducing Faster Casual

Tapville is a technology-forward concept providing an American-focused food menu with self-pour beer, wine and cider

Tapville has opportunities in four key segments

Brick & Mortar

Brick & Mortar restaurant concept in suburban areas


Kiosk in high traffic retail center or located in a large retailers


Kiosk in travel-oriented areas such as airports or train stations


Music, sports, movie theatre or other entertainment venue

Labor increases are a concern for most operators, Tapville uses technology to reduce labor costs and increase revenue

Tapville’s kiosk model makes an ideal location in a shopping center, airport or entertainment venue.Tapville Mobile is also available to own a market and provide craft libations to private and public events. 

Our purpose, mission, vision and values guide us to deliver an exceptional guest experience


We exist to create a simple, hassle-free guest experience


Our team, technology and service challenge the restaurant status quo to create an exceptional guest experience.


Guests are independent to enjoy great food and craft libations.


Community: Do good for others.

Entrepreneurship: Solve problems and take risks.

Hard Work: Apply maximum effort with endurance.

Teamwork: Cooperate and create a positive environment.

Hospitality: Make guests feel welcome.

Tapville is seeking operators that complement our core values

•Hard Work




•Foodservice a plus, but not required

•$50K -$200K in liquid capital

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