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steak escape franchise

Since 1982 we’ve been committed to the quality of our food and the freshness of our products – so that our customers can come into our restaurants and Eat Proud.


Steak Escape franchise

Being involved with a franchise requires being a leader and not being afraid to do things a little bit differently. Successful owners strive to build relationships and community. They are passionate about bringing people together and are goal-oriented. We know this because it is at the core of what makes a Steak Escape franchise successful. We are looking for additional owners with these qualities and therefore are interested in you.

If this sounds like you, keep reading.

Steak franchise

With our reinvented, rebranded company, we continue to set trends without being trendy. We work hard to differentiate ourselves in the fast casual dining marketplace. We’ve added healthy options to the menu for those who want more than our signature cheesesteaks. We’ve designed our restaurants to be convenient and comfortable with an Urban Americana flair. We are so much more than a cheesesteak company.

Since 1982 we’ve been committed to the quality of our food and the freshness of our products – so that our customers can come into our restaurants and Eat Proud. Every morning our crew chops and slices vegetables, and it doesn’t stop there. We are dedicated to providing all-white-meat chicken and 100% USDA Choice Steak. Freshness is key, with fresh-baked incredible Steak rolls, fresh-cut fries, and fresh-squeezed lemonade. At the end of the day, we take pride knowing we have delivered awesome high-quality meals to all who come in.

Steak franchise

We are in the business of bringing people together and like to think of ourselves not as a cheesesteak company that serves people, but rather a people company that serves cheesesteaks. We differentiate ourselves in the marketplace by developing personal connections. Our goal isn’t just to feed people, but to give them an experience – to sit back, relax, and enjoy time with family and friends. Between our crew, our guests, and our neighbors – we are creating a family one bite, one smile, and one meal at a time.

We continually work to integrate ourselves into our immediate neighborhoods in helpful, meaningful ways – building connections and contributing to the growth of our thriving communities. We are proud to create rich, rewarding, and inspiring relationships through providing free meals to those in need, collecting and matching donations for local causes, and figuring out unique and creative ways to give back.

As you can see, our main goal is to create a positive impact on our communities, one meal at a time.

We are also “out of the box” thinkers. If we see a way to make our customer’s dining experience better – we’re in!

We have been very fortunate to work with new franchisees as well as experienced franchise owners. With our system, our Franchise Services Team makes becoming an owner an easy process from answering all questions, facilitating our Discovery Day to give you an inside look, locating and locking down your site, and providing ongoing support.

Another way we make our customer’s dining experience better is through our variety of franchise models. Our restaurant “grew up” in malls and food courts. Recently, we just went through a complete rebranding and expanded our locations to have an awesome new street model presence for the convenience of customers.

Our free-standing restaurants offer the comfort of a dining room along with the ease of a drive-thru. Airport and college locations give customers a unique menu with quick service. In-line strip centers feature an inviting feel inside, with the convenience of online ordering and delivery. Finally, end-cap strip center locations are where fast-casual quality and fast-paced lifestyles intersect. Drive-thru models in our end-cap locations offer the comfort of a great interior and the ease of a drive thru.

Steak franchise

We also strive to be the leaders in our market, so we look for individuals who take initiative when selecting owners for our franchise. We then align you with the support you need to be successful. Our support stretches from location selection to training on how to run a great restaurant, to integrated marketing, to working side-by-side through opening week and beyond. We are excited to get started!

So, lets get to know more about why you want to own a Steak Escape. To move forward, complete the contact form for more information.

After we receive your contact information we will give you a call at the chosen date and time to discuss the opportunities with Steak Escape further.

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