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Spray-Net is the home-improvement franchise that’s changing the way homeowners renovate.


Spray-Net is the home-improvement franchise that’s changing the way homeowners renovate. Thanks to its patented weather-adjustable paint process and proprietary chemistry, Spray-Net delivers a factory finish on aluminum and vinyl siding, stucco, brick and even surfaces that aren’t traditionally painted on-site, like front and garage doors and windows. In as little as a day, every project results in a beautiful, long lasting finish that won’t peel. At a fraction of the cost of replacement, Spray-Net is the most cost-effective way to modernize a home and boost property value.

Spray-Net partners enjoy a solid competitive advantage by delivering a unique renovation solution that homeowners can’t get anywhere else. Total investment ranges between $99,250 and $132,500 with $70,000 liquid capital and $200,000 net worth required. This includes everything you need, from training to equipment to initial marketing to jump-start your business. With no brick and mortar location required, fixed costs are low! With over 10,000 homes revamped by Spray-Net, this proven concept has resulted in impressive 3-year growth rates for franchisees.

Why Choose Us?

A booming Industry: Over 80% of homes in America are 20+ years old, which has contributed to a booming $425B home-improvement industry. With more and more homeowners renovating, our exterior painting service is the smart and cost-effective solution that turns their renovation into an investment.

Unique Concept: Our patented process and proprietary products allow our partners to deliver an innovative exterior renovation solution that homeowners can’t get anywhere else. From our weather-adjustable coatings to our business technology, nothing from Spray-Net is off-the-shelf. This gives our franchise partners a real competitive advantage that creates a barrier to entry for the competition.

The Spray-Network: Our proprietary, easy-to-use platform – makes it easy for franchisees to work smarter, not harder. No need to worry about juggling clients, jobs, and crews, because the network streamlines the entire workflow. Franchisees can focus on providing stellar service and making customers happy while the Spray-Network acts as their intelligent assistant, quote calculator, order hub, and business management tool.

In-House Call Center: The Customer Experience team manages all your incoming calls and emails. They know our business inside and out, so they’ll handle all questions about our service, our products, how it works and more. The only follow-ups you have to manage are about pricing and after-sales. Thanks to your custom scheduling algorithm, the team will book all your consultations while optimizing drive time. They have all the info they need to optimize your day.

One Stop Shop: Our distribution center team creates and maintains strategic vendor partnerships for you, so you get everything you need in one place, at a cost-effective price and on time. The Spray-Network sends your paint orders right to the distribution team to manufacture and ship the coatings you need for your jobs, just in time!

R&D: Our chemists take care of optimizing existing products and developing new ones to continuously offer homeowners unique, cost-effective renovation solutions.

Ideal Candidate

Spray-Net is an innovate and progressive home services company, so we’re looking for like-minded individuals who are excited by new products, services and technology to grow their business and our brand. While we provide our franchisees with all of the support and tools they need to run their franchise, our ideal franchisee is nonetheless entrepreneurial and is an individual who is proactively hands-on when it comes to running their business. Most importantly, a Spray-Net franchisee must be a people person who understands both the strategic short and long-term value of creating happy customers. We are ultimately looking for someone who believes in our service, is sales oriented and displays strong leadership skills to build and lead a team.

Franchisee Daily Activities

Year one is a learning year where the franchisee is completely immersed in his / her business: always on the go from one at-home consultation to another or checking in on their team on the job. Our proprietary software, The Spray-Network, not only helps franchisees stay on top of their main business KPIs, it also helps them quote jobs properly to maximize both sales ratio and profitability, calculates paint orders and much more!

Year two is when franchisees take their learning from year one and really leverage it! With an experienced team, happy customers generating referrals and a firmer grasp of the concept, year two franchisees can focus on growing their sales and maximizing their team’s capacity.

Year three is when franchisees start thinking about truly scaling their business, perhaps across multiple territories, and consider hiring a production manager or sales consultant based on their goals.


Interview with Carmelo Marsala, President & CEO of Spray-Net Inc.

Tell us about the founding of Spray-Net…

When I was in university studying business, I ran my own student painting franchise and the idea to start Spray-Net actually came from one of my customers. As I was painting her siding, she asked me, “Can you paint my windows, too?” Limited to off-the-shelf latex paint and a brush and roller, I knew the finish would look noticeably repainted and would eventually peel and chip, so I had to refuse. I realized I was regularly refusing requests to paint aluminum/vinyl windows and doors; so if I could find a way to paint these seemingly unpaintable exterior surfaces, I’d be on to something. I learned that brand-new windows that weren’t white had been painted, but in a factory. By reverse-engineering the process of factory painting for on-site residential application, we could bring a factory finish directly to homeowners so they could boost curb appeal without having to replace everything. There was a void to fill between conventional painting and replacing, and that’s why Spray-Net was created. How would you say Spray-Net stands out from other Home Services investment opportunities, specifically those in the painting and home improvement sector?

Our patented process and proprietary paint formulations allow us to deliver an innovative exterior renovation solution that homeowners can’t get anywhere else. By doing things differently when it comes to exterior painting, we’ve created a specialized solution for homeowners and niche franchise opportunity for our partners. From our weather-adjustable coatings to our business technology, nothing from Spray-Net is off-the-shelf. This gives our franchise partners a real competitive advantage that creates a barrier to entry for the competition.

What can you tell us about Spray-Net’s customized, high-performance coating product that is changing the exterior painting game?

Customization is how we deliver a flawless factory finish, outside and on-site! We customize each coating for the surface we’re painting, the homeowner’s colour selection and finally, the real-time weather conditions during application. This makes it possible to deliver a long lasting finish that won’t peel, doesn’t require maintenance every 2 to 5 years and looks like-new, not repainted. When homeownes Spray-Net their homes, they get more than a regular paint job. They get a real and cost-effective alternative to replacement. Our unique concept has advantages for both homeowners and our franchise partners. Our unique ability to adjust paint chemistry based on weather conditions is patented, which means our franchise partners are the only exterior painters in the world who can deliver a real-time, weather-adjusted paint job.

Any advice for potential business owners that are hesitant on making such a big decision because of the financial responsibility of starting a business?

The proven business model and continuous support of a franchise system allow you to hit the ground running MUCH faster than if you were to start a business from scratch. At the end of the day, however, a franchise is still a business. Sufficient capital is required at the outset to jump start your business and fortunately, different solutions are available to help you secure the necessary capital, such as business loans and financing. Since our business model is both SBA approved, and approved by major financial institutions, our business development coaches can help you put together a business plan to secure financing.

It is also really important to make sure you set the proper expectations and an appropriate timeframe for both learning and business transition curve, it doesn’t happen over night. But if you follow our systems, you’ll quickly see why we’ve successfully completed over 10,000 projects.

On average, how long would you say it takes for a franchisee to get their business up and running after singing the agreement?

Franchisees can operate their new franchise in as little as 30-60 days after signing their franchise agreement. Once the financials have been approved, it doesn’t take much time at all. If you do however want or need more time, we work out a launch date that makes sense for you!

Where do you see Spray-Net in the next 5-10 years?

We see big things happening in the next 5-10 years for Spray-Net. We want to take our 50 units to 500 units in the next 10 years, in the United States and also Australia. It is also important for us to continue innovating and developing new opportunities for our franchisees, so the potential for more Spray-Net devisions is in the works. We’ve started a Kitchen cabinet devision and are currently working on expanding to roofing. There are so many possibilities for continuous growth at Spray-Net, both internally and also across the map.

Training And Support

We’ve developed a comprehensive on-boarding program and an interactive e-learning platform to make it as simple as possible for new franchisees to transition into operating their Spray-Net franchise. Our in-class training, supported by our online training platform, starts at our support center, where franchisees learn about our brand, business planning, sales, paint application, recruitment, retaining and much more. They even visit our paint lab where they can make paint with our formulators and then test their hand at spraying it! Phase two training happens on-site, where a member of our Ramp-Up team will travel to franchisee’s territory to assist in the running of their very first home show and guide them through their first set of at-home consultations. As soon as the franchisee officially has a couple of jobs in the pipeline, one of our productions specialists visits for a second time to assist on those first jobs to make sure everything goes smoothly!

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