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A Brand Designed to Create Independence and Financial Freedom

Spin Doctor™ Laundromat is an upscale, modern, coinless, full service laundromat featuring several technological advances that keep the customer experience smooth and the environment safe. We’ve got the cure for dirty clothes! Spin Doctor™ is a modern, coinless, full service laundry featuring high-performance Electrolux™ washers and dryers in a spacious, modern, fully-attended store with free Wi-Fi, child play area, convenient drop-off/wash and fold service, commercial accounts, cable TV, vending, and more.

Since 2012, our laundromat has earned a spotless reputation as a community-driven, customer-centric experience! Our veteran-owned, award-winning brand is ready to share our proven business model with franchise partners just like you. Are you ready to be a part of a recession-resistant industry and to enrich the lives of individuals in your community? The Spin Doctor™ Laundromat franchise opportunity may be right for you!

An Innovative Brand Set Apart  from others in the Laundromat Industry

At the core of Spin Doctor™, we employ the most advanced cleaning technologies through Electrolux™ washers and dryers. These texting-enabled machines give up-to-date status updates to our clients, as well as use less electricity, less water, and less detergent. The child’s play area, branded products, security features, and drop off wash-and-fold service keeps us the top choice for our clients!

Franchise partners gaining an expert leadership team who has developed a sustainable business model, highly-evolved concept, and streamlined operational methods. Spin Doctor™ Laundromat has carved a unique niche for itself within the marketplace and here’s why:

• Green practices utilized every place possible: hand dryers, sinks, machines, cleaning products, and more

• Low overhead costs; strong potential returns

• Veteran-owned business

• Driven, high caliber leadership team

• Eco-aware and advanced technology

• Security, design and model created to offer inviting an attractive experience

• Community involvement held in high regard: One Simple Wish, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Laundry Love, Rescue Mission of Trenton, and several others

• Cleanliness, professional and experience-driven environment

• Systems that deliver a premium level of customer Service

• Industry leading equipment and strategic relationships

Gain the Advantage of a Structured Franchise and Premium Brand

We are seeking to award franchises to candidates with the following qualities and traits: Motivated – wants to succeed, build something for themselves and establish a better life.

• Willing to work for it.

• Exudes integrity and excellence in everything they do; isn’t afraid to commit to winning.

• Strong sales and marketing skills, along with a track record of high performance.

• Incredible customer service abilities – they “get it” when it comes to taking care of people and putting the customer first.

• Schedule management experience and a commitment to structure.

• Comfortably meets financial requirements and capital needs to open a Spin Doctor™.

• Basic business knowledge and a willingness to learn.

Why does the Spin Doctor™ Franchise Work?

PROTOTYPE LOCATION: Spin Doctor™ has one current operating location that exemplifies the ideal prototype for the franchise. This operating unit, its success, longevity in the industry, and track record, serve as key selling points to new franchise partners of Spin Doctor™ Franchising.

PROFITABLE BUSINESS: Spin Doctor™ has a fast potential ROI: Reasonable overhead, variable start-up cost (based on selected model), in a practically recession-proof business and applicability in just about any market. Plus, the concept is very sound, financially so it presents a highly profitable opportunity for the franchisee.

OPERATIONALLY SOUND: The Spin Doctor model runs smoothly with a manageable number of employees and a reasonable workload for an owner operator. Spin Doctor™ has a 100% customer satisfaction policy, which results in rave client reviews, testimonials and referral business. This is vital in the ever-evolving world of Internet-enabled customer feedback websites and social media.

POINT OF DIFFERENCE: The key differentiators for this business include the fact that the cleaning process is highly efficient and electronically managed, as well as the fact that, we have the strong marketing and operational prowess to elevate the service quality above our competition.

ADAPT NATIONALLY: The Spin Doctor™ model is certainly adaptable nationally. Every US market, with a significant population base, has customers looking for best rated laundromats with products and services at a value-based price point.

INTEGRITY AND COMMITMENT: Dedicated to delivering a premier laundromat experience at a competitive price, and recognizes that ethical business practices are the centerpiece of the organization.

Team Work. You have our full support through Excellent Communication and Full Transparency

COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING: We provide extensive on-the-job training time and experience at headquarters, followed by hands-on instruction within your own operation.

OPERATIONAL SUPPORT: Work closely with our expert leadership team and franchise support staff. We continue to provide guidance in all areas of your business and help you execute the Spin Doctor™ franchise model.

FIELD SUPPORT: We provide extensive field support and visits throughout the life of your business and will be there with you every step of the way.

MARKETING GUIDANCE: Clean designs, well-positioned marketing collateral and incredible marketing planning set us apart from the competition and drives customers into your location. Consumer plans and collateral are available to you as well as regional and national marketing implementation.

EXCLUSIVE TERRITORIES: Spin Doctor™ Laundromat offers sprawling market applicability in an essential industry. Territories include a 50,000 to 100,000 population center.

SITE SELECTION: Franchise partners will be guided to find the ideal location for their franchise and supported in lease negotiations and construction of their Spin Doctor™ Franchise.

Financial Overview. The Basics.


ROYALTY FEE: 6% of Gross Sales

ESTIMATED MINIMUM INITIAL INVESTMENT: $408,875 (including franchise fee)

The majority of your investment is comprised of building and/or space construction costs and equipment purchases. We have established strategic relationships with distributors, manufacturers, and lenders to help you with every element of your investment in a Spin Doctor™ Laundromat Franchise.

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Spin Doctor™ Laundromat is truly a unique investment and innovative brand ready to be shared throughout the nation. Don’t miss this chance to be a part of something bigger! For more information, visit www.spindoctorfranchise.com or email us at info@spindoctorfranchise.com.

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