Simply Smart franchise

Simple Smart franchise

As a woman with a demanding job, the Founder, Harleen Laroia, had a difficult time selecting a childcare when she had her two children.


Simply Smart franchise

SimplySmart Childcare is a SIMPLE:
Safe, Interactive, Meaningful, Pleasant, Learning Environment for each child.
Early childhood years shape a child’s future. That is why we focus on creating a solid foundation for children to build on. Our mantra is to help children develop academically and holistically in all areas of physical, social, and emotional development.

simply smart franchise

The Founder’s Vision

As a woman with a demanding job, the Founder, Harleen Laroia, had a difficult time selecting a childcare when she had her two children. She wanted them to interact with other children and be stimulated to develop to their fullest potential. After her tenure at her telecom job, she decided to build facilities that gave parents that feeling of “home away from home” and comfort that their children were in clean and beautiful spaces being well taught and taken care of. She has now grown over the years and multiplied facilities while retaining the quality of care and learning that the children receive on a daily basis. She has a passion for learning education, and believes in holistic development and has ensured the inclusion of yoga, dance, and music in the program design at SimplySmart. Her

promise is:
– Superior Learning
– Superior Relationships
with parents and children
– Superior aesthetics
with beautiful facilities.

Become a franchisee, and help deliver the founder’s vision.

simply smart franchise

Why Pick SimplySmart

Beautiful Spaces… that you will be proud of.

High Demand Market.. so you achieve financial success

ECE Experience Not Required… training is provided

Complete And Ongoing Support… enabling a superior learning environment

Achieve Satisfaction… while helping kids build a better future

simply smart franchise

Our Ownership Process

  1. Do Your Research – Ask us any and all questions you can think of about our franchise and we will be glad to inform you!
  2. Inquire Today – Complete one of our forms and we will guide you in the next steps in owning your own franchise.
  3. Fill Out Financial Disclosure
  4. Review and Clarify Questions On FDD
  5. Discover Day – Meet our friendly management team and you’ll discover what makes us succeed in our industry.
  6. Finalize and Sign Franchise Agreement
  7. Approval – If approved, you will be ready to launch your own SimplySmart Childcare franchise! We provide training before and after opening your location.
  8. Build and Launch


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