Are you ready to own a business that is recession resistant and always essential? Do you want to join a glass company with huge profit potential and tons of support along the way? Now is the time to invest with Savocchi!

A Bullet Proof Investment. Change Your Future. Invest in a Savocchi Franchise.

Are you ready to own a business that is recession resistant and always essential? Do you want to join a glass company with huge profit potential and tons of support along the way? Now is the time to invest with Savocchi!

Our Story Proves Our Success

Established in 1949 in Winnetka, Illinois, Savocchi has long since been the trusted go-to source for glass and glazing. Of course, we didn’t start out on top. At first our concentration was replacing windshields, which were flat glass back then. In true Savocchi innovation, we grew up from repairing windshields to manufacturing windows and doors, fabricating storefronts,curtain walls, mirrors, showers and other glass products. Representing multiple other manufacturers Savocchi sales and service teams are able to meet intricate demands of our customers.

Through the decades, Savocchi has seen its share of ups and downs. The post Great Depression era, 1970s Stagflation, 1981 Recession, 9/11 Attacks, 2008 Financial Crisis, multiple oil and energy crises,— the list goes on and on — and we’ve weathered them all!

Today, owner Russ Andrejevas is growing Savocchi to be the top glazing company in the nation. “I wanted to use my skills to develop a one stop shop for any glazing needs in the building industry. .. We’ve developed an incredible system that allows entrepreneurs to shape their own business that is flexible to meet the local market demands. ” 

Essential Business in a Franchise Model


As a Savocchi franchisee, you will be engaging in an essential business that is simple to run and recession resistant. Glass will always break. Buildings will always have windows. Savocchi will always be here to meet the commercial and residential needs of consumers across the U.S. Will you be part of the Savocchi story?

Why should you invest in a Savocchi franchise?

  • Gain procedures, processes, software, customer service techniques, and marketing that are all proven to work!
  • Differentiated day-to-day schedule and flexible lifestyle.
  • Tried and true heritage with established branding and reputation.
  • Unlimited growth potential; all buildings have glass!
  • Multiple revenue opportunities — glass balconies, showers, window curtains, glass repair and replacement, glass partitions, home windows, storefronts — we do it all!
  • Fragmented competition; our business model is solid!

Do You Fit With Savocchi?

We want franchisees who have a passion for Savocchi, who can relate to our story, and who want to build a business that shines.

  • Background in construction or related field
  • Customer-first mentality
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Strong sales and marketing abilities
  • Operates with excellence and integrity
  • Meets basic financial requirements

Solid Support Team

Start with Training: Our training program kicks off your Savocchi experience, including one week hands-on training at headquarters in Illinois and one week at your location, plus refresher training annually.

 Comprehensive Operational Support: Ad sales techniques, inventory management, customer interaction techniques, administrative procedures and more are all included in our ongoing operational support.

Proven Marketing Tactics: Our marketing collateral and branded designs are developed for your location and for the benefit of the entire network!

Active Field Support: Our Savocchi Field Expert helps through video conferencing, onsite visits, and training videos.

Exclusive Territory: Gain an exclusive territory of 250,000 to 500,000 people.

Take the Step with Savocchi

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