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Bestselling Amazon Author, TV Host, and Founder, David J. Scranton opened Sound Income Strategies in 2014. A nationally known thought-leader, David Scranton is frequently sought out to share his financial insights on news outlets such as Bloomberg, CNBC, Fox News, Fox Business, and World-Wide Exchange. 

In addition to his own national media appearances, David can be seen each week with top financial celebrities on his own TV show on Newsmax, called The Income Generation with David J. Scranton—which has been on the air for over two years. Originally broadcast to 55 Million (Now over 70 Million) households each Sunday at 10 AM, David invites financial pundits like Steve Forbes, Mohamed El-Erian, and Nobel Laureate Robert Shiller to join him on his show to discuss the financial topics of the day—focusing on those issues most important to Americans over the age of 50,

With over 100 episodes completed, and David beginning to appear on other networks as a financial fixed-income specialist, David receives inquiries and comments from Americans every day. 

Beyond educating the public each week, the goal of David J. Scranton’s life work is to have more than 7 out of 10 Baby Boomers understand and accept his message that you do not need to sacrifice Total Return in order to lower your risk in the markets and be able to build a plan you won’t outlive. There is a better way—and that is Investing for Income. By focusing on bond and bond-like investments, one can generate approximately five percent (5%) WITHOUT sacrificing or risking their entire portfolio in the markets.

Sound Income Strategies is now offering the opportunity for financial advisors around the nation to become franchisees of this proven and effective business plan under the name The Retirement Income Store®.

Investing for Income is Similar to Investing in Rental Properties

David has always thought about it this way. Younger people who get involved in the real estate market tend to buy and flip homes to make a profit. These investors depend on and hope for the value of their property to grow or appreciate—which can be very risky depending on market conditions. These types of investors must get several things exactly right in order for their investments to pay off. They have to buy at the right time, they need to invest in the right place, and they need to sell at the right time in order to make a profit. These investors are focused on growth to build their net worth for the future. 

This is similar to those who depend on stock market growth, or appreciation, to cover expenses. They must get several things exactly right in order to have a chance for a successful retirement. 

Instead, consider older Americans who might see real estate investing as a way to establish a renewable source of income. These investors are more concerned with buying a property they can rent out that will create reliable and predictable cash flow. They have the ability to worry less about any changes in the value of their property, and instead are more concerned about how much rent, or income, they can collect on a regular basis. 

That’s why David is so passionate about Investing for Income: because in retirement you need a predictable and reliable source of income. 

So why, then, do so many retirees still place their hopes in the stock market?

Since many Baby Boomers first got serious about investing during the 80s and 90s in what was the best stock market in US history, many became accustomed, and even addicted, to the double-digit growth that became common in those days. As a result, many also began to mistakenly believe that “growth” and “return” mean the same thing, but the reality is that growth is just one component of return; income is the other. 

So, What’s So Different about The Retirement Income Store®?

It’s the middle name… Income.

It all started in 1999 at Scranton Financial Group in Connecticut, when David Scranton decided to stop following the crowd and changed his business model from one focused on the “G” to one focused on the “I”. 

David Scranton has taken the time over the years to carefully strategize, plan, and cultivate what he would need in order to launch a wildly successful Franchise in the investment world. That includes a distribution force of 40 Income Specialists in 19 states who have been mentored by David since 2006, and who have become well-known Income Specialists in their own right in their state, region, or territory. Many of his mentees from his Business Coaching Organization, Advisors’ Academy, are now national names themselves, and many now run their own million-dollar practices. 

Through the years, David has scoured the country to find the very best business coaches and marketing specialists to help develop and implement the lead-generation and posturing programs that have achieved results you simply cannot find anywhere else. 

Approximately half of our top producers have their own radio show, close to one-third have Amazon Hot New Releases in books, and all our top producers are receiving leads each and every month with coaching that helps increase their production by at least 33% in the first year.

Now, nearly 20 years later, from its home base in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, The Retirement Income Store® has perfected its business model and is ready to launch nationally with the goal of expanding to all 50 states. 

Are you ready to take the challenge while experiencing the best sales and marketing support you have ever seen? Click here to apply.

On our mission to have a Retirement Income Store® in all 50 states, The Retirement Income Store® franchise can fill the void that consumers feel every time they contemplate the complexities of retirement. Our model offers a path for you and a path for your clients, all without sacrificing your independence and without having to reinvent the wheel. 

The brand will be focused on professional owner/operators who invest, own, and operate the Retirement Income Store® brand and philosophy in the same communities where they have already established roots and built their financial planning practices.

A Stand-Out in the Investment Landscape

David Scranton is also the founder of the Scranton Academy for Financial Education, a non-profit educational foundation. With a leader such as this serving as the cornerstone, The Retirement Income Store® has received national recognition and will continue to expand its reach and market penetration. 

With the tremendous success of 40 offices in 19 states as evidence of the marvelous potential of his business model, David Scranton has decided it’s time to share it with those outside of his inner circle and national network of advisors. 

The Retirement Income Store® is now ready for you to begin the process of sharing these life-changing strategies with retirees through our franchise program.

The current landscape that retirees find themselves in can be one of volatility and increasing uncertainty. A few financial shows predict a correction, if not a recession, in the near future with geopolitical issues looming large in 2020. 

Uncertain stock market conditions, interest rate fears, and other factors have contributed to retirees finding themselves in murky waters. Not only this, but the need for a continued cash flow for the Baby Boomer generation is on the rise as life expectancy lengthens and new goals sprout up. Long gone are the days of working for the same company for 40 years and retiring with a pension plan and gold watch. 

Now, 60-somethings are searching for new opportunities, seeking degrees in higher education, and taking on brand new career goals instead of retiring. The Retirement Income Store® is here to walk alongside those goals with solid advice and income-generating investments. The need is there, and The Retirement Income Store® is here to meet those needs.

Beginning at its roots in Connecticut and today headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, The Retirement Income Store® is ready to start the process of franchising in population-dense areas across the country. The franchise is designed to offer a full and complete fixed-income solution to individuals as they plan for retirement or to those already retired.

Total Return = Income + Growth

Many on Wall Street use these terms synonymously, and advisors with stock market-based business models will tell you that investing for growth is the only way to get a reasonable return on your investments. That is simply not true.

When Investing for Income (I), it’s important to understand that the “I” portion comes in the form of both interest and dividends, while growth is simply measured in terms of capital appreciation. 

When you invest for the “I”, you’re typically investing your money in investment vehicles designed to significantly reduce volatility. However, when you invest for Growth (G) in the stock market, that “G” you are counting on to cover expenses during retirement can quickly turn into an “L” (Loss) when the stock market suffers a major downturn—like the ones that began in 2000 and again in 2007.

As mentioned earlier, just because you’re Investing for Income doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice total return. In fact, many of Sound Income Strategies’ clients have been able to create ongoing income streams in the form of interest and dividends, sometimes as much as 5%, while protecting the principal balance of their retirement savings.

So, if an investor can get 5% from Growth or Income, most would prefer to get it from Income because the “I” is more predictable and consistent. When you earn income it can’t be taken away, but when you get growth, the “G” can quickly turn into an “L” depending on market conditions.

Now that David has been able to help so many clients, along with the hundreds of advisors he’s mentored nationwide through his Business Coaching Organization, Advisors’ Academy, he’s looking to take the Investing for Income movement national with his message—there is a better way. 

Sound Income Strategies is now offering the opportunity for financial advisors around the nation to become franchisees of this proven and effective business plan under the name The Retirement Income Store®. 

What can a Franchisee Expect?

The Retirement Income Store® prides itself on long-term client relationships, with a focus on integrity and an eye for detail. As a franchisee, you will be awarded an Area of Primary Responsibility (APR) in which you can focus your main marketing efforts; however, referrals outside the APR are completely welcome. 

Franchisees of The Retirement Income Store® will have an assortment of support avenues to aid in the beginnings, growth, and ongoing development of their business, including:

Business Support from Our Specialists and Our Team 

1. Unique Business Model:

If you don’t stand out in the eyes of the consumer, you will simply blend in with the competition and struggle for market share. Instead, by working with our unique Business Model, you’ll provide your local market with something that’s needed. In doing so, you’ll stand out from the competition in a manner such that new business will come to you, instead of having to chase it. The same business model that David Scranton has refined and perfected during his 30 years in the industry is now yours as a franchisee of The Retirement Income Store®. You’ll have access to proven strategies and best practices for our Business Model, built around non-stock market income-generating investments, which can help your clients achieve their retirement goals without exposing them to stock market risk. 

2. Branding Support:

You will receive your initial brand identity as well as ongoing brand strategy support from our Marketing and Production teams to keep your practice and The Retirement Income Store® “top of mind” for your prospects and clients.

Our premium programs deliver unparalleled results. These programs are designed to highlight you as the owner, with the goal of making you into a regional, state, or national brand using our CMO’s service-marked “Walk Up” program, only found at AA and The Retirement Income Store®. 

Our Premium Branding Programs include: 

Radio in Your TerritoryYour own turnkey radio program designed to generate leads and make you a celebrity in your own DMA (Designated Marketing Area). What makes us different is our methodology and ease of use. Our Radio Program offers you the advantage of our connections to national celebrities and ready-to-go content using our in-house Radio Pro. Brad, the nicest guy in the business, will make you seem like a radio GIANT to your audience. Not only do we provide the leads, but we provide content, contests, book giveaways and more!

The Financial Celebrity Program and National Public Relations Program.Whether it’s Stuart Varney, Neal Cavuto, World-Wide Exchange, or Bloomberg, we prepare you for TV and syndicated radio to get your message across to prospects and clients. We can have you “camera ready” and coached up for national interviews on TV or radio in a little over a month with one-on-one coaching with our CMO. We’ll help you join our advisors, who are on the air each and every month, postured as thought leaders on the top financial shows in the industry.

The Income Generation with David J. ScrantonAs we bring you into our own studio and prepare you for a bigger footprint in your community, David likes to invite advisors on his national TV show called The Income Generation with David J. Scranton, broadcast to 70 Million households each and every Sunday at 10 AM across the country. Ask about our sizzle reel for use in your lobby. Find Newsmax by state here:

Advisors’ Academy Author ProgramAdvisors’ Academy Press is part of the inside track in the financial publishing world, so we’re able to deliver better results with much less worry and stress than most publishers. Our books are distributed by Simon & Schuster, part of the CBS Corporation. They are not e-books or self-published books; they are high-quality hardcover publications distributed by an established and well-known publishing house. All Advisors’ Academy Press books have reached Amazon Bestseller status, or Amazon Hot New Release status, based on our marketing programs. 

3. Lead-Generation Support

You will receive monthly lead-generation support including our 24 award-winning Bull’s-Eye Marketing Programs designed to help you attract, not chase, prospects or leads. 

• We’ll not only help you set up our Bull’s-Eye Programs, but we can also help you improve your closing ratios by focusing on your workshop results using our proprietary Metrics Program. 

• Our Bull’s-Eye Marketing system was designed to provide warmer and more cost-effective alternatives to cold calling, expensive dinner workshops, and other traditional strategies that have become less effective through the years. 

• Our market-proven strategies are organized in a way that you’ll be able to start your prospecting efforts with the targets closest to the Bull’s-Eye. Often, you’ll find that these prospects exist in virtually untapped markets, with little to no competition.

• Each of our marketing systems have been strategically designed to help you make the most of your marketing budget while delivering awe-inspiring results. 

4. Conversion

The best business model won’t mean a thing if you don’t have a simple and effective way to communicate why our retirement model is unique. The goal is to make this complicated subject easily digestible, so the consumer and their Income Specialist can focus on the very best solutions for that client.

• David Scranton has taken the time during his 30 years in the industry to carefully document every detail of the conversion process which helped him build his own successful practice, Scranton Financial Group, and which he has used to mentor hundreds of advisors at Advisors’ Academy. 

• Now, as a Retirement Income Store® franchisee, you will have access to this turnkey conversion process to guide you through each step of the way. The methods and strategies used in the Scranton Process will not only help boost your revenue, but they can also elevate the way your clients view you. Instead of being viewed as a salesperson, your clients will view you as a trusted financial professional who has their best interests in mind. 


You will also receive instruction and help with: 

Site Selection 

As a franchisee, you will be given parameters of what to look for in a site. Based on these parameters, The Retirement Income Store® will use a documented intake process to match the prospect to potential sites. 

Operational Support 

The Retirement Income Store® may provide you, the franchisee, ongoing training and support in many areas critical to the success of your business, including hiring, unit operations and maintenance, customer-service techniques, ordering materials and supplies, suggested pricing guidelines, and administrative procedures. Also, The Retirement Income Store® may create preferred relationships with certain third-party vendors. 


Reporting directly to administration, this department is responsible for the financial and legal oversight of franchisees. The Retirement Income Store® will provide you with support and guidance on how to manage your books. 


The Retirement Income Store® may negotiate quantity discounts on behalf of all of its members, passing some or all of these savings on to you. This will include elements such as business supplies, software, marketing materials, and other needed items for operating a franchise location. 

Ongoing Research and Development 

The Retirement Income Store’s® management and leadership will continue to research methods and techniques for franchise operations (including purchasing and promotional schemes) that enhance unit-level profitability.


Join in on this innovative concept aimed at filling the void that retirees desperately need. Join with business owners and financial advisors who are taking advantage of a proven system. Join The Retirement Income Store®.

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