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Orange Bay Company is on a mission to provide unique, one-of-a-kind pieces within an accessible, affordable atmosphere. Our inventory is ever-changing, giving treasure seekers a fresh experience every visit!

Own an Orange Bay Company Franchise

Orange Bay Company is on a mission to provide unique, one-of-a-kind pieces within an accessible, affordable atmosphere. Our inventory is ever-changing,
giving treasure seekers a fresh experience every visit! Utilizing decades of experience and the natural creative talent of our leadership team, we have strategically designed a franchise model that delivers every tool needed to own and operate a revenue-producing consignment store of your own! The resale industry is projected to reach $50 billion by 2023; now is the time to join us!

About our Founder

Delight Morris, our Chief Treasure Hunter, used her natural designer’s eye and talent for breathing new life into the once forgotten, to create the Orange Bay Company brand in 2009. As founder and chief executive of a thriving, community-focused brand, Delight is a graduate of the prestigious Wharton School of Business. She has a BA in Accounting, an MBA in Business Development and Entrepreneurship, and is a certified Project Manager Professional (PMP). Long before the circular economy became a part of everyday language, Delight was a champion of sustainable purchasing. As a businesswoman, a creative, and a vintage shopping devotee, it was always her dream to transform the landscape of retail in Bermuda in alignment with her passions and values. Orange Bay Company was born on a foundation of sustainability, quality, and community.

Impact Your Community for the Better

Orange Bay is a treasure trove for the conscious, socially-responsible shopper and has grown to house four departments: Orange Bay Label, Orange Bay Home, Orange Bay Style, and Orange Basement. We have strategically created a franchise model that easily replicates the procedures and techniques that have made Orange Bay Company the successful entity that it is today. What else makes Orange Bay Company the very best option in the franchise marketplace?
+ Fun outlet for passionate, creative individuals with an eye for treasure hunting and design.
+ Access to decades of industry knowledge, marketing plans, and proven methods.
+ Low upfront investment with strong ROI potential.
+ Culturally-relevant, on-trend concept in a sustainable, eco-aware model.

orange bay company

Giving Back

Our socially-conscious efforts have contributed over $80K to various charities over the years. Community is everything and supporting those who need it the most will always be a foundational necessity of all Orange Bay Company franchise locations. Additionally, we provide college students with a fresh job experience and work toward eliminating plastic and reducing waste as part of a sustainable movement.

Calling all Treasure Enthusiasts

Orange Bay Company is seeking entrepreneurs with the following qualities:
+ Appreciation for all things vintage and modern.
+ Passion for design and/or fashion.
+ Strong sales and marketing skills.
+ Customer-First mentality.
+ Entrepreneurial mindset.
+ Amazing people skills.
+ Meets financial requirements.

orange bay company

A Treasure Trove of Support

Exclusive Territories: Every Orange Bay Company franchise is granted an exclusive territory with an average 100,000 population base.
Comprehensive Training: Our dual-phase training program explores the details of Orange Bay Company including on-the-job training at headquarters and on-site training at your location, plus refresher courses.
Operational Support: Our expert support team provides ongoing guidance within the areas of pricing guidelines, administration, customer service, and more!
Marketing Guidance: Benefit from professionally designed network marketing and expertly developed consumer plans to be used within your territory!

Investment Snapshot

Franchise Fee: $30,000
Estimated Minimum Initial Investment: $133,100 (including franchise fee)
Royalty Fee: 5% of Gross Sales

The Top Choice in Franchise Opportunities

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