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Money Wise Financial has been designed to deliver expert investment management services via insurance and annuities across the United States. As part of a joint effort by First Financial Guarantee, LLC, Money Wise Financial is ready to enter the franchise industry with a solid and proven business model.

At First Financial Guarantee, the company follows the “Three P’s” approach to investing: Preservation of Principal, Providing the Best Possible Return, and Peace of Mind. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in our relationship with our clients. We endeavor to know and understand the client’s financial situation and provide them with only the highest quality information, services, and products to help them reach their goals.

Money Wise Financial has developed a brand that fills a market space with a high level of demand.  Our business is expanding, and we’re offering a turnkey opportunity for advisors who want to operate their own business and effortlessly grow their network of clientele.

Would you like to operate a stable, proven investment services business with a highly experienced management team? If so, this is the opportunity for you!

A Wealth of Opportunity

Make the Wise Choice

Money Wise Financial offers unique services and a one-stop-shop business model to our clients. Franchisees will be equipped with the tools necessary to grow their client base exponentially. This competitive standpoint makes Money Wise Financial the wise choice in franchising!

  • Simple-to-Operate: The concept is simple and the system has been proven.  The business, particularly when a franchisee first launches, is relatively simple and can be managed by one organized and motivated professional.
  • Integrity and Commitment: Money Wise Financial operates with a high level of integrity and a commitment to strong client service.  This support and commitment to accuracy and client relationships will help perpetuate the growth of the franchise organization.
  • Unique Business Model: The Money Wise Financial model is unique and presents a different way to do business and a different way to approach the investment industry.  Our turnkey operation allows franchisees to focus on serving the client, rather than marketing efforts to acquire clients.
  • Strong Potential ROI: Money Wise Financial has a strong potential ROI for a franchise owner. Our numbers are impressive in the franchise marketplace and will help make the Money Wise Financial model much more marketable and sustainable.

Are You a Good Fit for Money Wise Financial?

 Are You a Good Fit for Money Wise Financial?

We are seeking franchisees who have the following qualities to join our team:

  • Incredible Work Ethic, Discipline, and Integrity
  • Experience in the Financial World
  • Confident Developing Professional Relationships
  • Strong Guest Service Skills
  • Meet Financial Requirements
  • Leadership Mentality

How We Support Our Franchisees

Support For Success

Operational Support: We will provide ongoing training and support in many areas, including unit operations, maintenance, customer-service techniques, product order, pricing guidelines and administrative procedures.

Marketing Support: We will coordinate development of advertising materials and strategies, consumer marketing plans and materials. Money Wise provides solutions to customer acquisition challenges.

Comprehensive Training: The franchisee will have a comprehensive understanding of how to run the business.  Everything from establishing a location to the daily operational activities will be addressed in the two phases of the Money Wise Financial training program and will be enforced via the Operations Manual.

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Financial Overview

What Does it Cost?

  • Franchise Fee: $31,825
  • Estimated Minimum Initial Investment: $63,000 (with franchise fee)
  • Royalty Fee: 12.4% of Gross Sales
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