Kids Kab franchise


Kids Kab provides reliable and safe door-to-door transportation for children aged 3 to 18 for an affordable fee that fits into any budget.


Kids Kab franchise

Kids Kab franchise – Delivering the Opportunity

Kids Kab has proudly served the Northern California region for over 20 years. Owner Liz Marino has worked hard to provide quality and trustworthy transportation to the area and is excited to offer this franchise opportunity to qualified candidates throughout the nation.

For the busy and working caregivers of the world, Kids Kab is here to help. They provide reliable and safe door-to-door transportation for children aged 3 to 18 for an affordable fee that fits into any budget. Being the dedicated full-service child transportation provider that they are, Kids Kab has garnered attention from the caregiver community as the go-to company for shuttling kids
to and from tutoring appointments, after school clubs, sporting events, dance lessons, and more. Booster seats and car seats are always available by request.

Through its franchise expansion, Kids Kab carries the mission to provide a dependable and safe child-centered transportation service to the U.S..

Kids Kab franchise

A Unique Concept In Hand

A child’s safety and well-being is each parents’ number one concern. With this priority in mind, Kids Kab has carved space in the transportation market as a unique answer to this daily issue. The process and stress of transporting a child to and from throughout the week has weighed heavy on the shoulders of caregivers everywhere. Kids Kab has expertly answered the call for help by providing a reliable team of drivers and a well-equipped vessel to adequately deliver a child the safety they deserve.

It begins with each Kids Kab driver. Each driver is background checked and intermittently drug tested at random. They possess a clean driving record, are trained in defensive driving, are CPR and first-aid certified, and have been properly insured. Each driver is professionally uniformed and all vans are clearly marked with the recognizable Kids Kab logo. Only the best of the best make it into a Kids Kab driver’s seat. Additionally, the vans are well maintained, providing up to date safety seats and navigation technology.

What else makes Kids Kab stand head and shoulders above the rest? Their passion for keeping children safe and helping families meet the rigorous transportation demands of life is the driving force behind all they do. This motivator enriches their business standards to reach beyond the basics. Kids Kab is currently the only regulated youth bus transportation company in northern California. They are fully insured, meet all requirements per the Public Utility Commission (P.U.C.), and maintain the California Highway Patrol (C.H.P) certification. For added safety and security, each van is equipped with a two-way radio dispatch system and a navigation-equipped tablet; a dispatcher is always on duty. All passengers are required to wear safety belts or to be properly strapped into a car seat when appropriate. Safety and reliability go hand-in-hand and Kids Kab won’t compromise one for the other!

Kids Kab franchise

Support Every Step of The Way

Kids Kab has more than enough differentiators separating it from the competition. The company has developed a stable business concept that can be applied to any city where children reside. There is a defined demand for the service that Kids Kab delivers without enough supply. Parents throughout the nation will welcome Kids Kab with open arms! This subscription-based service is unique because of the ease with which it works into a family’s budget; the monthly fees provide a sound financial expectation for the franchisees as well.

The business begins with a reasonable initial investment. Start-up costs and overhead include one minivan and two 15 passenger vans;
a franchisee can add vehicles to their fleet in pace with their franchise expansion. Low costs for initial working capital and marketing dollars allow for each franchisee to become profitable in as short of a time
as possible. A franchisee after five years in business is projected to do almost $600,000 in revenue! The Kids Kab model is operationally structured to be efficient and will follow suit with stable, tried, and tested business model that has molded from its 20+ years of experience.

Are you the right candidate for a Kids Kab franchise? The most successful individuals will be customer service oriented and love to work with children. Strong marketing skills, perfected time management abilities, and excellent organizational standards will make for an ideal launch into the Kids Kab business. Success in the industry depends entirely on reputation and commitment to the customers themselves. Kids Kab expects excellence, trustworthiness, and integrity; these traits are absolutely essential when working with parents and children.

Kids Kab franchise

The Next Step

Are you ready to dive in to a dependable, trustworthy, and successful company with a proven track record? Are you interested in joining a team of people that helps families everywhere by providing a highly needed service?

Join the Kids Kab team today!

Our franchise fee is $30,000. 

Our proven processes, expert marketing, in-depth training and superior franchise support will help you build your own successful business, one you can be proud of.

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