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Hire G.I., LLC is a premier recruiting & franchise coaching agency with first hand knowledge of the sacrifices made by todays American service members. The company works exclusively with active duty service member, spouse ad veterans and to help them find jobs and careers, as well as providing its client companies disciplined, qualified employees.

Help Veterans Find Employment and Start A Business (Two Revenue Streams) 

Hire G.I has years of experience in providing quality placement, recruiting and business coaching services and, in addition, will consider adding a staffing element that will allow for additional royalty revenue while, more importantly making the franchisee’s business much more sustainable, predictable, and robust.

In the current economy, demand for staffing and recruiting service companies that are capable and credible has also grown. Clients have come to expect professionalism and most of that is tied to a brand’s reputation. The Hire G.I. concept has a process to facilitate the systems that most efficiently deliver these services to clients and businesses, with an added element that we are working with veterans and patriots. With business coaching Hire G.I provide a tool for veterans to start thee own business and have impact in our communities. Both the Business coaching and recruiting business model essentially perfected and growing markets that requires the capability and bandwidth of new partners that can offer the same suite of services to veterans and businesses in different regions of the country.

The growth of this market overall demands that Hire G.I. is able to expand and open new locations that can deliver the same quality services and value as the flagship location in Atlanta, Georgia.


Recruiting Services

Total Investment:





Required Liquid Assets:


Required Net Worth:


 Royalty Fee


Advertising Fee 1%
Initial Franchise Fee $30,000
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You hear the word “transparency” get thrown around a lot when you are talking about business transactions, but Veterans Own Franchises not only throws the word around, it is the basis of who we are. Clear cut, detailed information from all parties can ensure that the buying/selling transaction is satisfactory to everyone involved. It is the easier way to do business. We offer a central location where you can do your research whether you are a buyer or a seller to find out more about:


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