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Own a Piece of Our World Famous Hot Doggery!

Take a Bite Out Of Our Legacy!

Gray’s Papaya is THE name in hotdogs in New York City. Why? We’ve been a part of the industry since 1973— nearly 50 years —and have set the industry standards for taste, snappy service, and quality. Now, for the first time in nearly half a century, we’re offering qualified, business-savvy entrepreneurs to be a part of our incredible legacy.

Our franchisees have an opportunity to link arms with our leadership, to utilize our incredible brand power, and to step up the hot dog game in their own exclusive territory. What are you waiting for?

Invest in Gray’s Papaya!

Frankly, We’re the Best

Over the last five decades, we’ve built an expansive brand presence — people come from
miles to try our dogs! We give our franchisees the keys to a simple-to-operate model backed by our expert leadership team, but that’s not all.

Processes that Work
From front-line operations to back-office procedures and everything in between, Gray’s Papaya gives you processes that are 100% dialed in that translate to snappy service and volume.

Built for Profitability
Efficient prep process, low-cost menu items, and our hours all translate to a profitable model. Our menu offers something for everyone at all hours of the day or night. High volume, low waste, and affordable prices for our customers all translate into a higher ROI potential for you!

Leadership Experience
Your franchise support team brings over 30 years of combined franchising experience. Gray’s Papaya has been family-owned and operated for the last 50 years, bringing an incredible foundation of knowledge that benefits you!

Are You Our Next Franchisee?

  • Are you ready to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit?
  • Do you have the drive and determination to be self-employed?
  • Is now the right time for you to build your own nest egg and do something for you?
  • Are you thinking about building a legacy for your family?
  • Have you had enough of working for someone else?
  • Would you like to manage your own schedule? Take holidays and book days off when you want to, rather than when you are told you can?

Ongoing Support at Your Fingertips

Full Training Program
Our training program gets you off on the right foot! Anything you need to know to successfully launch, operate, and sustain your business is right here. Refresher courses are offered throughout the life of your franchise.

Operational Support
Everything you need for your day-to-day to run smoothly is included in ongoing support including customer service techniques, product ordering, suggested pricing guidelines, driving sales, coaching employees, and admin procedures.

Marketing Support
With our decades of experience and creative marketing strategies like the Gray’s Papaya Instagram wall, we are expecting franchisees to be up and running and achieving their targets quicker than any other brand around.

Join the

Franchise Network!

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$275-550K (includes franchise fee)

6% Royalty 1% Marketing

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