Leveraging the Delivery Economy of Today!

GO4ER™ is a free app that provides an on-demand courier service for local businesses or personal needs — we make life easier!

GO4ER™ can support professionals, manufacturers, or suppliers with on-demand needs, as well as help retailers with local sales to compete with the online and big-box outlets. We help our clients save money! We’ve harnessed the power of mobile technology to meet the expansive demand for trustworthy delivery services.

How Does GO4ER™ Work for Our Customers?

  1. The customer — referred to as the Requestor — secures the item to be picked up/delivered then submits the request via the GO4ER™ app.
  2. GO4ER™ Drivers submit a bid to complete the job. Customers then select a driver.
  3. The order is confirmed and the driver notified. Customer tracks progress through the app.
  4. GO4ER™ Driver follows delivery instructions and completes the job.
  5. The delivery process is complete!

This is a straightforward, home-based business with your very own exclusive territory! What are you waiting for — go for GO4ER™!

Earn Residual, Repeatable Revenue as a GO4ER™ Franchisee!

Transparency for delivery, on-demand response time, and speed of shipping is essential in today’s fast-paced culture — GO4ER™ meets these demands with resounding efficiency! Thanks to our intuitive app software, GO4ER™ quickly obtains all required information from the Requestor, plus all billing and payments are done electronically through the app. Drivers love us because they get paid instantly after the job is completed!

We offer our franchisees two models:

Driver-Oriented Franchise
Operate as the primary driver for your own GO4ER™ territory!

  • Lower start-up costs
  • Flexible hours
  • Simple operating model

Manager-Oriented Franchise
Oversee your drivers and manage client relationships!

  • Manage your own flight of independent drivers with different vehicles or provide support to local existing courier service.
  • Add on GO4ER™ to your existing courier service — expand your job capacity and customer base! Using your established administration tools, vehicles, and office space mean minimal cost after the initial $25K investment!
  • Structured for higher profitability and scalability

Hop on the Road to Success!

We are seeking franchisees to partner with us who have the following qualities:

  • Customer Service Oriented
  • Leadership Abilities
  • Meets Minimum Capital Requirements
  • Great Communication Skills
  • Basic Business Acumen

GO4ER™ Support Makes Life Easier

Comprehensive Training
Your journey with GO4ER™ starts with training — everything you need to know packed into an easy-to-understand program.

Operational Support
No logistics background? No problem! Our Franchise Support team is here for you for software troubleshooting, administrative procedures, customer service techniques, and more!

Market Penetration and Support
Our team will guide you in promotional and marketing plans to get the GO4ER™ word out. GO4ER™ is unique and builds momentum fast in most markets!

GO4ER™ wants to hear from you! Don’t miss this opportunity — visit www.go4er.com/franchise.

Affordable Investment

Franchise Fee

Estimated Minimum Initial Investment
$48,800 (with franchise fee)

Royalty Fee
10% of Gross Sales

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