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The bustling streets of Charlotte, North Carolina have been flooded with laughter thanks to the comedic talents of Funny Bus.

Funny Bus franchise – A Brand Set Apart

The bustling streets of Charlotte, North Carolina have been flooded with laughter thanks to the comedic talents of Funny Bus. Combining the unique descriptions of city landmarks by local comics with engaging historical information on the city, the Funny Bus team is an expert at giving a bus full of folks a chance to laugh and learn. We have seen exceptional growth within this niche market, watching the waiting lists grow, beckoning for continually fleet expansion.

funny bus franchise

Beginning in 2015 our company was launched by a team of like-minded people who wanted to gift patrons with an experience purposefully laughable, full of chances to chuckle and a BYOB option. Our company sees the opportunity to expand our concept within cities all over the States through franchisement. We are offering franchisees the coaching, support, branding and strategic alliances that we have carefully developed through our industry experience to build their very own Funny Bus business.

funny bus franchise

Funny Bus is Like No Other

The essence of the Funny Bus concept is to combine an international city tour with local stand-up comedians and a relaxed BYOB atmosphere. Groups of friends, bachelors or bachelorettes, family reunions, birthday parties, and corporate events will all find the perfect place to kick back, relax, and enjoy the show, all while gaining pertinent information about the locale. Patrons can bring their mom, their dad, or even grandma to enjoy a laugh and a drink, but we keep our material adults-only, typically rated from PG-13 to R. Tours run daily and can be booked as a private tour or weekly tour. Private tours are pre-booked and can include up to 40 guests.

Although comedy is our passion, professionalism is our goal. We have developed the sales processes, safety procedures, documentation, and the systems needed to effectively translate our business model into the hands of franchisees throughout the U.S.. The business is home-based, using third-party services to register patrons. Franchisees with comedic talents may serve as tour guides or hire local comics who fit the bill. Ultimately, Funny Bus strives to ensure an experience for their customers that is top notch, inviting repeat business and referrals.

Our prototype location in Charlotte has served as a launch pad for PR and brand recognition, giving our franchisees a jump forward. Our success is largely due to our hilarious city descriptors and our amazing, professional customer service. Social media applause rings out for Funny Bus. The Funny Bus brand is beckoning entrepreneurial hopefuls who want a business with reasonable overhead, affordable start-up costs, impressive ROI, and sprawling market applicability. We don’t just give a city tour, we sell a fun experience, making us the go-to tour guide in any locale.


The Funny Bus brand has been meticulously built and perfected over the years. We hope to share our operational practices, superb concept, and impeccable customer service standards with the right candidates. Particularly, we are seeking individuals with the following qualifications:

  • Strong customer service abilities are the foundation of a potential franchisee, underscored by an exhibition of the Funny Bus culture. We want a “people person” who will bond with customers and maintain the loyalty of each Funny Bus visitor through authentic conversation, wonderful service, and passionate dedication.
  • The ability to sell in the market is a must have for Funny Bus franchisees. We need people who are outgoing and comfortable with face-to-face interaction in order to consistently market the business and maintain its reputation.
  • Prior management experience and general business acumen will help ensure the smooth operation of your Funny Bus franchise. Self-starters who are dedicated to growing the business with a strong work ethic may be a perfect fit.
  • Great time and schedule management skills are needed for our franchisees. Funny Bus keeps a busy daily schedule which requires excellent oversight of the timing and scheduling of a small staff and tours.
  • The success of Funny Bus depends on the brand’s reputation as we expand. We want individuals who take honesty, integrity, and excellence as seriously as we do, exhibiting a commitment to our customers and a dedication to an amazing Funny Bus experience.
  • We need candidates that meet the initial financial requirements in order to successfully launch their business. Potential franchise buyers should have at least $90,000 in investment capital in order to be considered as a potential franchisee. The Funny Bus concept is reliant on a strong sales and marketing-oriented leader who is great at interacting with customers. The success of the corporate office and leadership can be directly related to our professionalism and dedication to service; we need our franchisees to replicate this dedication. We need you to cultivate relationships with customers that convert every new visitor into a lifelong loyal fan who can’t wait to share their experience with others!

funny bus franchise

A Revolutionary Opportunity in Franchising

What else makes Funny Bus the go-to franchise option within the entertainment industry?

Exclusive Territory

Funny Bus franchisees will obtain exclusive territory rights for their very own franchise. This means you have exclusive access to a territory of a 250,000 population who can enjoy the uniqueness of Funny Bus. You will have your own city and metropolitan area in most cases.

Unique Concept

Although similar concepts are sprinkled throughout the States, Funny Bus has seen little direct competition. We combine a truly educational locally-driven experience with alcohol and laughs. Need we say more?

Proven Business Model

The Funny Bus model has been tested and tried within its company-owned location and has seen tremendous success. We understand exactly what the business needs to flourish within any location and deliver those resources into the hands of our franchisees.

Top-Notch Training

You will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to run your Funny Bus business through extensive training. Each franchisee is welcomed to visit an established location for the initial training that includes hands-on experience and on-the-job exposure. The second phase will begin once the new franchise has launched, including up to five days of oversight from an experienced Funny Bus trainer.

funny bus franchise

Supported by a Team of Professionals

Funny Bus offers support in the right areas that keep your business running smoothly. We are here to help you along your path to impressive profits and Funny Bus success! We provide the following areas of support:

Operational Support

We don’t just serve up side-splitting humor and historical tidbits. We serve you an operational roadmap that gives you a jump start to success. We provide ongoing training and support in many areas critical to the success of your business, including unit operations and maintenance, customer-service techniques, product ordering, suggested pricing guidelines, and administrative procedures.

Marketing Support

We want Funny Bus to become a tourist hot-stop. We will coordinate the development of advertising materials and strategies for all of our franchisees. We will also supply our franchisees with consumer marketing plans and materials for use at the local or regional level.

Purchasing Perks

Funny Bus is an affordable business venture for many candidates out there. We negotiate discounts on your behalf, such as marketing materials, the buses, delivery supplies, and other items needed for operating a Funny Bus location, saving you money and making this whole deal a little sweeter.

Other Areas of Support

Funny Bus will provide initial oversight and guidance for financial, legal, and accounting elements for its franchisees. Additionally, we strive to discover and research methods and techniques that will enhance unit-level profitability.

funny bus franchise

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Our franchise packages start at $94,000. 

Our proven processes, expert marketing, in-depth training and superior franchise support will help you build your own successful business, one you can be proud of.

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