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Originally a Ukrainian Company, FOOTBIK has been committed to delivering a program for children that is simply unparalleled.


About Footbik

Originally a Ukrainian Company, FOOTBIK has been committed to delivering a program for children that is simply unparalleled. We’ve created a state-of-the-art indoor learning facility that allows children aged 1.5 to 7 to learn not only soccer skills, but life lessons and intellectual concepts as well, in a comfortable and safe environment. At FOOTBIK, each child can expect to deal with professional and highly qualified coaches and staff who are dedicated to helping the development of children. FOOTBIK is on a mission to guide children to becoming healthy, active, creative, and self-confident individuals who yearn to consistently achieve high results both on and off the field. Through an expert management team comprised of sporting and business backgrounds, FOOTBIK was carefully designed 

with families and children in mind, allowing for a unique child-centric service that caters to individual needs.

footbik franchise

Through our programs and professional team, we have given thousands of children a learning experience that will not be forgotten. This is a rewarding, profitable, and efficient business model that utilizes systems, processes, and proven operational practices. With our new franchise launch, we envision an ability to reach new markets and customers nationwide to share our love of children’s development through soccer. We want to work with you in bringing FOOTBIK to your local community, and continue to spread our mission.

FOOTBIK is like No Other

The FOOTBIK facility provides a safe, clean, and stimulating environment for children from 1.5 to 7 years old.There is unlimited desire and need for concepts like ours. We are a one-of-kind facility that focuses on the child as a whole person, emphasizing the growth of several early developmental milestones while learning to play the best sport in the world. We are standouts in the child services industry through our distinct programs that include clearly structured practices that are tailored in accordance with long term early childhood development. Our method originated in the Netherlands and has been perfected within over 20 soccer academies throughout the world!

Our currently locations in Staten Island (headquarters) and Yorktown Heights, New York, as well as Woodbridge and East Brunswick, New Jersey have done exceedingly well. We have state- of-the-art facilities that have been carefully custom-designed down to the last detail to create a comfortable, safe environment for effective training young ones. Easier on young bodies, we have multi-layer amortizing artificial turf that minimizes the load on the spine and joints. We have five different programs for families to choose from:, FOOTBIK.Baby Advanced, Way of the Champion, TechnoSoccer, and Smart Soccer. Each offer a variety of benefits in varied capacities, all with the goal of teaching fundamentals that further influence improved cognitive skills, flexibility, coordination, and more. All in all, we have dialed in each detail, given thought to every facet, and developed a fantastic business concept and model that will flourish in whatever location we plant ourselves in.

Franchisees have the opportunity to build a successful and very profitable business under the FOOTBIK name and system. The child services industry is always growing, especially specialty sectors that supplement a child’s life for the better! We at FOOTBIK are seeking forward-thinking entrepreneurs to get in on the ground floor of our amazing concept. Our business model is seamless, innovative, and stable, all while gifting children with a safe, unique experience.

footbik franchise


Well established coaching practices complemented by innovative developmental initiatives is a highly needed commodity and the perfect investment for any business-minded candidate. Particularly, FOOTBIK is seeking individuals with the following qualifications:

  • High energy and excellent customer service standards are the beginning of a FOOTBIK candidate’s profile. A high level of credibility, as well as a commitment to keeping the customer as the first priority, are must-haves for our candidates.
  • Strong customer service abilities are the foundation of a franchise candidate, underscored by an exhibition of the FOOTBIK culture. Maintaining the company’s culture and creating a family-friendly environment are important for the success of your franchise. We want individuals who take honesty, integrity, and excellence as seriously as we do.
  • We want a “people person” who will bond with families and maintain the loyalty of each visitor through authentic conversation, wonderful service, and passionate dedication. Being comfortable with face-to-face interaction with children and their parents is important.
  • Great time and schedule management skills are a must-have for our franchisees. FOOTBIK is a bustling, busy facility that requires excellent oversight of the timing and scheduling of all moving parts. Franchisees must be able to recognize the appropriate qualities in employees, as well.
  • General business know-how will guarantee the successful launch and operation of your business. You need a strong work ethic and must lead by example.
  • Although you need not be a soccer pro, a basic understanding, a passion for, and interest in soccer are all important. Proficiency in the sport will help further establish your franchise’s credibility.
  • We need candidates that meet the initial financial requirements in order to successfully launch their business. Potential franchise buyers should have between $207,675 and $355,500. This will include working capital, equipment, build-out, marketing dollars, and initial franchise fees to get their FOOTBIK franchise off the ground. Additionally, we have exclusive deals with many landlords which will aid in covering a majority of expenses.

      A person who meets the above qualifications may be a great fit for our company! FOOTBIK is seeking owner-operators who want to be involved in the day-to-day operation of the business. We want candidates who believe in the FOOTBIK brand, are effective communicators, and who love to work around children, all while running a smooth business operation and delivering amazing customer service

      A Unique Opportunity in Franchising


      What else makes FOOTBIK the go-to franchise option within the child services industry?

      Exclusive Territory

      Early adopters have the opportunity to obtain exclusive territory rights for their very own FOOTBIK. This means you have exclusive access to people who we think will love playing at FOOTBIK as much as we do. We further evaluate the potential for doing business in each territory based on numerous socio-economic factors such as average household income, and the owner profile.

      Customer Loyalty

      We understand that and industry centered around children is one of winning the loyalty of its clientele. We believe that our amazing soccer programs and our incredibly high standards of customer service are what deliver an experience that beckons for brand loyalty from our clientele.

      Proven Business Model

      The FOOTBIK model has been tested and tried within its company-owned locations for years and has seen tremendous success. We understand exactly what the business needs to flourish within any location and deliver those resources into the hands of our franchisees.


      We understand that motivated individuals with the right training are off to a fantastic start within their franchise ownership journey. We provide 2 phases of training, covering essentials like administrative, operational, and sales/marketing matters; it will also include some amount of hands-on training. Additionally, we provide coaches education and refresher training twice a year at no cost to you*! *Franchisees cover their own travel, food, lodging, etc*

      Supported by a Team of Professionals

      Why should you choose FOOTBIK as your business venture? We believe in setting up our franchisees for success at the very beginning and throughout the life of their FOOTBIK business. We provide the following areas of support:

      Operational Support

      You aren’t just buying a name; you are buying proven operational practices that have kept our business solid for years! We provide ongoing training and support in many areas critical to the success of the franchisee’s business, including unit operations and maintenance, customer-service techniques, product ordering, suggested pricing guidelines, software support,and administrative procedures.

      Marketing Support

      FOOTBIK will coordinate development of advertising materials and strategies for all of our franchisees. We will also supply our franchisees with consumer marketing plans and materials for use at the local or regional level. We work alongside you to keep the customers coming in!

      Purchasing Perks

      We need to mention that on top of an already affordable and highly profitable franchise, we will also negotiate quantity discounts on behalf of all of our franchisees, meaning more savings for you!

      Other Areas of Support

      FOOTBIK will provide oversight for financial, legal, and accounting elements for its franchisees. Additionally, we strive to discover and research methods and techniques that will enhance unit-level profitability.

      Coaches Education

      At FOOTBIK we use a complete and dynamic soccer coaching method suited for clubs, teams, players and coaches of all ages and abilities.We focus on all aspects of soccer development, training, and coaching.

      Sample Coaches Education Lessons:

      Coach Behavior, Age Specific Characteristcs, Life Skills, Coach’s Tasks, Training Topics


      The Next Step

      Are you ready to dive in to a dependable, trustworthy, and successful company with a proven

      track record? Are you interested in joining a children’s brand that has solidified its reputation through innovative programs and a perfected business concept? Join the FOOTBIK team today.

      Our franchise fee is $30,000. Complete the form for more detailed financial information. 

      Our proven processes, expert marketing, in-depth training and superior franchise support will help you build your own successful business, one you can be proud of.

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