Fibrenew is a market leader in the restoration and repair of leather, plastic and vinyl. Helping entrepreneurs live life on their terms through flat rate royalty franchising. We have 240+ franchise units in 5 countries, with 170+ in the USA. Fibrenew is a home-based, mobile franchise service (niche industry, recession resistant, not replaceable by technology) that targets 6 major markets: aviation, automotive, commercial, marine, medical and residential markets. Build a business and be your own boss.

Our Rich History

1985: Fibrenew is established
1987: Michael Wilson purchases first franchise
1994: Michael Wilson purchases company
1994: Fibrenew begins push to franchise across Canada
1995: Fibrenew starts manufacturing its own products
1996: Fibrenew New Zealand is established
1999: First US franchise opens
2000: 100+ locations globally
2012: Fibrenew reaches 100 locations in the US
2016: Currently 240+ locations in 5 countries and growing

Opportunity For Franchise Owners

Leather, plastic and vinyl is everywhere! Offering customers huge savings over traditional options as replacing or recovering. Fibrenew is the largest franchise in this niche sector globally. With many potential revenue streams across multiple markets along with a high demand for our services, our company and franchisees have grown and thrived through every rise and fall of the economy since 1987. That really speaks to the fact that there is always a need for Fibrenew services.

fibrenew's multiple revenue streams

  • Aircraft                    Furniture Stores         Motorcycle Dealers
  • Ambulances          Government Offices    Moving Companies
  • Auto Body Shops  Gyms                           Public Transportation
  • Bars/Pubs              Hair Salons                 Restaurants
  • Boat Dealers          Hospitals                     RV Dealers
  • Cafe

65 / 25 / 10

65% of a franchisee’s time will be spent:

  • Going to pre booked appointments, completing repairs
  • Booking Appointments for Request for Service

25% of a franchisee’s time will be spent:

  • B to B selling, speaking with businesses in and around your territory, chamber of commerce

10% of a franchisee’s time will be spent: 

  • Business and Administrational Duties

*At home practice required: Techniques and Color Matching

Important Skills:

  • Looking for candidates who are naturally inclined to be business builders and technically proficient (we provide training, support and coaching in both areas)
  • Confident and comfortable relationship building, networking and marketing (or able to hire someone to do this for them) — Consultative Sales
  • Trainable, coachable and willing to ask for support when they need it.
  • Reasonably physically fit to perform job requirements — Q to ask: Do you have any health issues that prevent bending, lifting or frequent use of hands?
  • Enjoys working with their hands (remodeling projects, DIY, wood working, restoration, painting, etc.)
  • Can not be color blind — We provide candidates with a color blind test
Cash Investment: $50,000
Total Investment: $93,250 to $104,800
Minimum Net Worth: $200,000
Franchise Fee: $47,000
Start Up Fee: $32,000
USA Royalty: $695/month (starts in month 7, 5% increase starting in year 3) 
CAN Royalty: 0-299,999 population: $790/month + taxes / 300,000+ population: $860/month + taxes (starts in month 7, 5% increase annually starting in year 2)
USA/CAN Annual Product Requirement: $3,000 (waived first contract year)
Ad Fund: $0
Passive Ownership: No
Semi Absentee Ownership: YES (designated manager/technician must operate business full time)
Home Based: Yes
B2B: Yes
B2C: Yes
Master Franchise Opportunities: None in North America. (International only)
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