Experienced Public Adjusters


Are you ready to stop chasing storms and start making more money? Do you want to take control of your future, your schedule, and your earning potential? Experienced Public Adjusters is the franchise opportunity for you!

Get the Most out of Your Public Adjusters License! Earn More Money with Experienced Public Adjusters.

Are you ready to stop chasing storms and start making more money? Do you want to take control of your future, your schedule, and your earning potential? Experienced Public Adjusters is the franchise opportunity for you!

Who We Are

Experienced Public Adjusters has been an industry leader in Orlando within a variety of insurance adjustment services. We are seeking private or independent adjusters who want to be a part of our team! Self-respect, strong work ethic, self-discipline, and honesty are highly valued in our company. We take pride in every interaction, providing a diverse range of property adjusting services, including appraisals and mediations. We know we have something unique and have strategically designed our insurance adjuster franchise model for ease of operations and replication in the hands of our franchise partners.

Why Buy an Experienced Public Adjusters Franchise?

Our website is nationally ranked. Our franchise partners gain immediate organic traffic.

We have trusted vendors are already in place.

Our Marketing Team is set up and ready to build social media and web pages specific to your market for lead generation! We are ready to launch your location on multiple sites so it is easily searchable on Google and Bing. This boosts your franchise location higher up to a higher rank right away!

Our VP of Marketing is set to run training from onsite on how you can create testimonials, increase your google rankings on Google My Business, how to upload pictures and label them on onsite inspections for additional leads and to teach what you can do on your own to increase traffic to our site and the search engines.

Our VP of Marketing will utilize PPC and blog posts to increase traffic/leads for your franchise location!

Receive a completed Operations Manual.

Two weeks of comprehensive training provided, including:

  • Administrative
  • Franchise Ownership Training
  • Best Hiring Practices
  • Adjuster Training
  • Experts to train you on certain fields pertinent to our adjusting industry

Get ongoing phone support and monthly podcast training!

Access our Franchisor Question and Answer Board where our franchisees share best practices and ask questions.

Shirts, sings, logos, and branded materials are at your disposal to place orders for you and your staff.

Use Claims Wizard for claims files and overall business operations.

Gain general legal counsel to use when needed.

We have a CPA Firm set up to provide our franchisees a portal to see daily, monthly, and annual detailed reports such as an income statement and profit and loss statement.

Expert appraisers in place for you to utilize if the carrier wants to invoke appraisal.

We have an estimating team with a negotiated price already in place for Florida Franchise Owners and Adjusters.

We offer our franchise partners virtual spaces in most markets identified while the franchise ramps up before needing to move into an office.

Low royalty fee and national advertising fees are set.

National advertising fee will be distributed to the parent company to build brand recognition and exposure in each franchisees’ market!

More perks:

  • Dropbox Training
  • Forms and Contracts
  • Hiring Application, Independent Contractor Agreement, Employment Agreement, Background check Letterhead Blank Documents, Hiring Packet documents
  • Lead tracking spreadsheets
  • Master client list spreadsheet
  • And more!

Become a Franchise Partner

As an Experienced Public Adjusters franchise partner, you will walk alongside our brand and uphold our mission and our vision:

Our Mission

“Experienced Public Adjusters’ goal is to offer insurance adjusting services with the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction with ethics and integrity. We provide homeowners and business owners the ability to maximize and reach a fair settlement. We accomplish this by hiring the highest quality adjusters, providing high levels of training, and employing courteous and professional employees.”

Our Vision

We created Experienced Public Adjusters with ethics and integrity to reform the insurance claims industry that had a drastic need to set higher levels of customer service for their clients. Experienced Public Adjusters has a strong desire to win, and the experience to maximize every client’s insurance claim so that they can set a new standard in customer satisfaction throughout the United States.

The entire franchise system is a turnkey operation enhanced by our innovation, a customer-first mentality, and our leadership. By focusing on quality results and superior service throughout the process, franchise partners are rewarded with positive customer experiences and better overall profitability.

Become an Experienced Public Adjusters Franchise Partner

As an Experienced Public Adjusters franchise partner, you are becoming a part of a synergistic network that works hard to provide multiple services, which include builder risk and construction delay insurance, appraisal and mediation, pre-disaster planning for hurricanes, and risk management. Our streamlined model and dialed in processes have made for consistent customer referrals. Our team is here to guide you in your entire franchise journey; your success is our success. This business has a strong potential ROI, a rewarding day-to-day lifestyle helping our customers, and scalability to grow as resources allow!

Investment Snapshot

Franchise Fee Range: $40,000 to $100,000

Royalty Fee: 15% of Gross Sales

Initial Investment Range: $62,950 to $181,250 (includes franchise fee)

The total investment necessary to begin operation of a franchise is $62,950 to $181,250 which includes $10,000 to $40,000 working capital for various expenses during the first three months of operation.

Liquid assets: $30,000

Net worth: $120,000

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