Device Pitstop


It’s A Two Part Business:

  1. Front: Retail Sales Floor
  2. Back: Service Tech Area
Cash Investment: $75,000
Total Investment: $100,700 – $173,000
Minimum Net Worth: $300,000
Franchise Fee: $25,000

Device Pitstop

It’s A Two Part Business:
Front: Retail Sales Floor
The store resells used, high-quality, brand-name, certified/ warranted laptops, tablets, smartphones,desktops (and almost any other tech hardware you can imagine) at tremendous value pricing. That’sgreat value for consumers, and
because it’s used, high gross profit margins for our franchisees.

Back: Service Tech Area

Fully equipped multiple work stations and technicians (in-store to speed turn-around on repairs), provide helpful services and offer upgrades. Services in back helps sell more hard- ware up front, and hardware up front helps sell more services in back.
Do you ever stop and think about how reliant the average person is on the technology they use?
Between smartphones, tablets, the ever-present laptop, traditional desktops, all-in-one machines and the expanding wearable technology market, the average person spends countless hours logged in and online with some sort of device – quite likely, multiple devices! But what happens when something stops working? Or it’s time for a cost-effective upgrade? That’s where Device Pitstop steps in.
Device Pitstop is a retail and repair store that buys, sells, trades and repairs laptops, tablets, and smartphones of all varieties, from Apple products to Windows and Android. We provide quality refurbished and factory recertified laptops and other personal devices at high value retail prices. Additionally, the service and repair aspect of the business model comprises approximately 30% of average store sales. Refurbished retail inventory is acquired on an ongoing basis from our customers selling their gently-used or no longer needed electronics to Device Pitstop for CASH on-the-Spot. We also utilize a network of brokers who acquire product off-lease from various companies or outsource
overstock items from clearance houses. Our refurbished inventory is typically sold between 25% and 50% below current or original retail pricing. Plus, Device Pitstop offers all of the common accessories you would expect to see for laptops, desktop computers, tablets, smartphones and more. At every Device Pitstop store, customers will find a clean, open layout, a great product selection and a friendly, professional staff that provides excellent customer service.


Investment Information

Cash Investment: $75,000
Total Investment: $100,700 – $173,000
Minimum Net Worth: $300,000
Franchise Fee: $25,000
Royalty: 5%
Average Number of Employees: 4-5
Item 19: No
Visa Candidates: Yes
Passive Ownership: No
Home Based: No
B2B: No
Master Franchise Opportunities: Yes
Veteran Discount: Yes
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