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Crisp Cuts began in 2006 with a passion to create an experience most men and women alike wanted a professional environment with style, respect, and a lot of confidence in the haircuts.

About Us

Crisp Cuts began in 2006 with a passion to create an experience most men and women alike wanted a professional environment with style, respect, and a lot of confidence in the haircuts. All Crisp Cuts barbers are passionate skillful artisans with clippers and straight razors with one thing on their mind, giving each customer the look they’ve been wanting, with care and attention to detail.

Each barber has an impressive skill level, ranging through Caucasian, with unique comb over styles using unique shear trimming, to African American styles such as the “South of France”, old school high tops, coloring and dying, and more. In addition, Crisp Cuts is known in Kansas City for providing exclusive hot towel shaves that will leave the customer’s face feeling baby butt smooth.

Crisp Cuts’ professional staff is ready to serve each customer from the moment they walk-in the family friendly environment. Customers can rest assured that Crisp Cuts will do what is needed to give them the perfect look. e prestigious Crisp Cuts barbers respectfully understand the specific needs that each client desires and work efficiently to accomplish those needs, leaving the customers looking great and feeling satisfied with the overall experience.

The shop is the creation of Bobby Terry, a business minded entrepreneur who saw a gap in the hair care market segment very early. There has been an enormous amount of interest, potential franchise growth, and overall acceptance of Crisp Cuts as a business, brand and franchise.


When you join Crisp Cuts as a franchise owner, you will receive outstanding support in a number of different exciting areas including:








As a member of the Crisp Cuts franchise team, you will receive the following training:

Initial Training

Held at headquarters in Shawnee for approximately one to two weeks of training, four to eight weeks before the franchise opens.

Onsite Training

Held at the franchisee’s location for one week to assist in the commencement of operations.

Refresher Training

Franchisees will be required to attend up two days of refresher/update training per year up to two sessions.


Crisp Cuts will be offering exclusive territories to their franchisees as one of the key benefits to early adopters. 

The fee for one franchise is $30,000.

Individual Territory – 50,000-100,000 Population Base (depending on market) – we will designate territories based on the size and makeup of the market characteristics.

Territories will be mapped based on the individual market circumstances for each unit sold. We will map out an area based on market research and the most recent available census data to come to territory modeling conclusions.


The fee for one franchise is $30,000. Minimal start-up costs can be as low as $104,900, depending on a number of factors. Please see chart below for details.


Types of qualifications recommended for potential franchise owners include:

Strong sales and customer service abilities.

Good with time management.

High personal standards.

Able to meet initial investment requirements.

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