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At Crew Fitness, we are more than another fitness studio. Indoor rowing is the newest, fastest-growing trend in fitness because rowing is low impact, so anyone can do it.

Crew Fitness franchise

Crew Fitness franchise

A Fitness Brand Set Apart

We are passionate about fitness. At Crew Fitness, we are more than another fitness studio. Indoor rowing is the newest, fastest-growing trend in fitness because rowing is low impact, so anyone can do it. There is broad appeal in a fitness program for all ages and abilities. The Crew Fitness leadership team has created a unique community that encourages crewmate camaraderie and results-producing group exercise classes. Our brand is seeking to expand at the cusp of a rowing studio explosion, bringing the nation a combination of exceptional classes and community engagement, all underscored by authentic Crew Fitness culture. We are extending a unique franchise opportunity to interested and qualified candidates that want to get on the ground floor of our fun Crew Fitness franchise expansion!

Crew Fitness franchise

Stand Out In the Fitness Marketplace

Our leadership team has designed the perfect exercise program that provides clients of all ages and abilities the opportunity to reach their fitness goals through a sustainable fitness model. We have established a community that values health and happiness, and we believe that fitness is essential to both. Rowing is the best form of full-body fitness that combines both strength and cardiovascular training, and it’s accessible to broad populations because there are very few physical limitations that prevent individuals from finding fitness through our program. The workouts at Crew Fitness are low impact, and the intensity level varies from person to person; it truly works for everyone. Our programming and presentation are superior to the other the up-and-coming rowing studios around, and our loyal Crewmates agree. The program is addicting and members stick around for years, developing friendships and pursuing fitness goals together.

Crew Fitness franchise

Franchise buyers will find a philosophy of personable management styles and fun classes. The business model is operationally sound and is structured to run smoothly with a small staff. Franchisees will have some freedom and flexibility in the way they operate their business, but they will enjoy all of the support they need to be successful.

The Crew Fitness franchise provides the chance to establish an upscale rowing studio that combines the strong experience of the founders with a solid business model. Sprawling market applicability, a strong potential ROI, and affordable start-up costs all make this a perfect opportunity for motivated entrepreneurial hopefuls.

Crew Fitness franchise

Qualifiers for our Crew

Strong community and effective fitness are our goals. We want candidates with the following attributes:

-A people person who will engage in the Crew Fitness community and be comfortable with daily face-to-face interaction with the members.

-Persistence, optimism, and approachability. Candidates need to have high personal standards, valuing integrity, excellence, and honesty.

-On-point with time and schedule management. Crew Fitness stays busy and fast-paced during the week, demanding owners to be likewise.

-Fitness enthusiasts with business backgrounds, entrepreneurs, investors, and existing fitness business owners could all be great fits.

-Must meet financial requirements. Minimum investment capital required is around $181K.

Crew Fitness franchise

Crew Fitness Perks

Exclusive Territory: We offer our franchisees an exclusive territory with a

50,000 to 100,000 population center.

Comprehensive Training: Two-phase training includes everything you need to know to launch and operate your Crew Fitness franchise, including on-site training at headquarters.

Field Support: For the first year, support staff will visit your franchise location monthly to ensure operational efficiency and quality control.

Operations: We work alongside you in several areas pertaining to operations, including customer-service techniques, product ordering, suggested pricing guidelines and administrative procedures.

Marketing: Crew Fitness supplies you with marketing plans to use at the local and regional level, as well as coordinates advertising and strategies for the benefit of the entire franchise network.

Purchasing: We negotiate quantity discounts for your benefit, including business supplies, apparel, and other items, ultimately saving you money.

Other Areas of Support: We provide initial oversight for financial, legal, and accounting elements for our franchisees. Additionally, we strive to discover and research methods and techniques that will enhance unit-level profitability.

Crew Fitness franchise

Interested? Complete the contact form for more detailed information on this owner opportunity today!

Our franchise fee is $30,000. Complete the form for more detailed financial information. 

Our proven processes, expert marketing, in-depth training and superior franchise support will help you build your own successful business, one you can be proud of.

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