CMIT Solutions


We’re a leading provider of IT services for small and mid-sized businesses (SMB) that employ 5 to 99 employees – large enough to need IT services but not big enough to warrant in-house IT departments. CMIT Solutions operates on a managed services model that offers specialized outsourced IT services at affordable, consistent monthly rates, with contracts that last one to three years. Our subscription model allows small business owners to effectively budget IT expenses and saves them money in the long run. At CMIT, we focus on business results – performance, productivity and profit for our clients and we know that technology is a tool to accomplish those goals, and we assure that our clients get the most out of their investment in technology.

Established: 1996
First Unit Franchised: 1998
Franchised Units: 150
Company Owned Units: 0
States Registered In: All except South Dakota, North Dakota and Hawaii

Services offered to the business market include: remote monitoring and repair, Help desk support, troubleshooting, networking, data backup, data recovery, website design, internet security and firewalls, software training, updates/upgrades, system administration, database design, and one-on-one mentoring. The new franchisee can secure a protected territory or become an area developer and grow to multiple locations in a larger territory. CMIT Solutions is looking for new franchisees that are focused on marketing and growing the business as opposed to working in it. The franchisor trains the franchisee to build sales and service team. Franchisor provides help desk and monitoring service, low number of employees.

This a composite of an average day.

The first thing we do is check our appointments for the day.

We then check the tickets that have come in from our customers.

Then we check the open ticket report.

We then prioritize our day. We do know that emergencies and customer needs may cause us to change our priorities.

The Tickets are handled by staff and help desk. This can either be remotely or on site.

The appointments are generally handled by the Franchisee and can be of the following types: Sales calls, networking meetings, assessments, proposals, monthly customer meetings, board meetings.

During the day if we are not at appointments, we may be engaged in the following activities: Various marketing activities, creating proposals, billing, configuring and pricing hardware requests, managing staff as needed, attending webinars on various subjects from various vendors or home office, assisting on various home office, customer, vendor or franchisee committees, receiving validation calls.

We have weekly staff meetings on Friday mornings to review previous week and make plans for the upcoming week. A representative from the help desk attends these meetings via conference call.


Cash Investment: $150,000
Total Investment: $128,300 to $176,439
Minimum Net Worth: $350,000
Franchise Fee: $49,950 – $59,950
Royalty: 6% declining
Average Number of Employees: 1 – 3
Passive Ownership: No
Home Based: Yes
B2B: Yes

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