cardfrenzy franchise

Our innovative concept of high quality cards and gifts at unbelievable values fills a void within the greeting card market. We see the need for retail concepts such as ours, where customers can come and shop through our selection of over 4,000 cards uniquely discounted and priced from $0.29 to $2.49.


card frenzy franchise

cardfrenzy™ is like no other

cardfrenzy™ offers an experience that customers won’t soon forget. Our boutique-sized stores welcome each visitor with streamlined selections. Our brand colors boast an exciting atmosphere complemented by top quality items. We aren’t another discount store and nothing in our store is anything less than the best. We carefully choose each product and card, gifting our clientele with a selection for all of life’s special occasions, plus fashion and jewelry items.

Our innovative concept of high quality cards and gifts at unbelievable values fills a void within the greeting card market. We see the need for retail concepts such as ours, where customers can come and shop through our selection of over 4,000 cards uniquely discounted and priced from $0.29 to $2.49. Our prices and selection will help ensure that there is nothing else like it in the franchise marketplace. We provide our franchisees a fun business venture that is scalable and applicable within most marketplaces.

The cardfrenzy™ brand is beckoning entrepreneurial hopefuls who want a business with reasonable overhead, affordable start-up costs, impressive ROI, and sprawling market applicability.

card frenzy franchise


A streamlined boutique environment complemented by impressive prices is the perfect investment for any business-minded candidate. Particularly, cardfrenzy™ is seeking individuals with the following qualifications:

  • High energy and excellent customer service standards are the beginning of a cardfrenzy™ candidate’s profile. A high level of credibility, as well as a commitment to keeping the customer as the first priority, are must-haves for our candidates.
  • Strong customer service abilities are important for each franchise candidate, underscored by an exhibition of the cardfrenzy™ culture. Maintaining the company’s culture and creating a high-quality environment are important for the success of your franchise. We strive for 100% satisfaction every time!
  • We want a “people person” who will bond with customers and maintain the loyalty of each cardfrenzy™ visitor through authentic conversation, wonderful service, and passionate dedication. Being comfortable with face-to-face interaction is important.
  • Great time and schedule management skills are must-haves for our franchisees. cardfrenzy™ is a bustling, busy retail store which requires excellent oversight of the timing and scheduling of all moving parts.
  • We aim to keep our reputation spotless and empower visitors with buying power they won’t get anywhere else. We want individuals who take honesty, integrity, and excellence as seriously as we do.
  • General business know-how will guarantee the successful launch and operation of your business. You should be able to interpret business and accounting reports, managing your cardfrenzy™ franchise from a point of understanding.
  • We need candidates that meet the initial financial requirements in order to successfully launch their business. Potential franchise buyers should have at least $195,000 in investment capital (cash) to be considered as a potential franchisee. A person who meets the above qualifications may be a great fit for our company! The concept is reliant on a strong sales and marketing oriented leader who is proficient in interacting with customers and managing staff. We want candidates who believe in the cardfrenzy™ brand, who have a love for all things gift, and who want to consistently provide a fun, well stocked environment, all while running a smooth business operation and delivering amazing customer service.

card frenzy franchise

a revolutionary opportunity in franchising

What else makes cardfrenzy™ the go-to franchise option within the industry?

customer loyalty

We understand that a retail business like cardfrenzy™ is one of winning the loyalty of its clientele. We believe that our premium selection of special occasion items and greeting cards, as well as high standards of customer service, are what deliver an experience that beckons for brand loyalty from our visitors.

proven business model

The cardfrenzy™ model has been tested and tried within its company-owned locations in the Chicago market and has seen tremendous success. We understand exactly what the business needs to flourish within any location and deliver those resources into the hands of our franchisees.

exclusive territory

Early adopters have the opportunity to obtain exclusive territory rights for their very own cardfrenzy™. This means you have exclusive access to a population of around 40,000 or more who we think will love the prices at cardfrenzy™ as much as we do, or a 5 miles or more radius from the store, depending on population density. This is based on an average household income of $60,000.

card frenzy franchise

supported by a team of professionals

Why should you choose cardfrenzy™ as your business venture? We believe in setting up our franchisees for success at the very beginning and throughout the life of their cardfrenzy™ business. We provide the following areas of support:

operational support

You aren’t just buying a name; you are buying proven operational practices that have kept our business solid for years! We provide ongoing training and support in many areas critical to the success of the franchisee’s business, including unit operations and maintenance, customer service techniques, product ordering, pricing guidelines, and administrative procedures.

marketing support

cardfrenzy™ will coordinate development of advertising materials and strategies for all of our franchisees. We will also supply our franchisees with consumer marketing plans and materials for use at the local or regional level. We send out monthly calendars highlighting company-wide promotions and holidays. We work alongside you to keep the customers coming in!

other areas of support

cardfrenzy™ will provide initial oversight for financial, legal, and accounting elements for its franchisees. Additionally, we strive to discover and research methods and techniques that will enhance unit-level profitability.

the next step

Are you ready to dive in to a dependable, trustworthy, and successful company with a proven track record? Are you interested in joining an innovative brand that has solidified its reputation through quality products and a solid business concept? Join the cardfrenzy™ team today.

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