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Efficient, Profitable and Speedy Brake Repair in a convenient retail model

Mr. Rodman Ross started in the automotive service field almost 40 years ago when his father introduced him to the business at the age of 19.  It was following this, that Rod was first introduced to the franchise industry with Meineke where he opened several locations of the growing franchise system.  As Meineke grew, Rod opened and sold several locations of the Meineke franchise system successfully during which, he built and developed the most successful operating locations in his markets for the organization.  In time, his grasp and understanding for the business model allowed him to build and develop his own automotive service business after franchise agreements had ended with Meineke.

The first version of Rod’s automotive business was successful, but offered a wide range of services and types of automotive work to clients.  This far-reaching service business soon helped Rod realize that the profitability of the business was not in offering all ends of auto services, but in specializing in specific work that could be scaled and could leverage economies by working on one part of the vehicle.  This was what lead to the founding of Brakes for Less – a business model that was defined by speed, efficiency and profitability with a focus on one element of the customer’s vehicle.  By doing one thing very well and with great levels of profitability, everyone involved in the transaction was happy and the business prospered.  With this vision and newfound strategy, three locations were opened for the growing concept that has become Brakes for Less.



The Brakes for Less Franchise model will be a fixed retail location providing a narrow and fixed range of automotive repair services.  The operating model is simple in nature and operational complexity, but delivers an extremely diverse and high-end experience to the customer with great results for them and their vehicle.  Today’s consumer has become unbelievably connected and dependent on their vehicle which has continued to increase the level of demand and need for high quality automotive services.  Cars do break and when they do, they can be extremely expensive to replace – particularly in our current economy, finding good places to service their vehicle at a low price is an absolute priority for most car owners.  The Brakes For Less model is designed to provide quick, convenient and effective vehicle repair services when needed.  The locations are very compact and efficient, typically operating with about 3,500 square feet and four vehicle bays.

Reasons for the Brakes for Less Franchise:

  • Operating prototypes – three strong operating locations based in great “example” markets throughout Northern Alabama.  These locations are run and operated by the management and founders of Brakes for Less and have very strong financial performance.  The concept has been replicated successfully which is a strong indicator for franchisee’s potential.
  • Profitable business – Brakes for Less Corporate locations average $554,885 in gross sales with a profit (EBITDA) of $136,764 (Refer to FDD for Item 19 FPR information).  These numbers are impressive in the franchise marketplace and will help make the Brakes for Less model much more marketable and sustainable.  We of course will not be guaranteeing any success or levels of profitability.
  • Operationally sound – The Brakes for Less model is operationally structured to run smoothly with a low amount of employees and a reasonable workload for an owner-operator.  Work flows, process management and experience in the field will allow for the Brakes for Less model to be replicated easily with new franchise partners – a franchisee can run their business with only two employees.

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