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Since 2016, Bobablastic has been a neighborhood hotspot, offering delicious Boba Tea, fresh poke, specialty desserts, and more within our specially designed carts!

The Bobablastic Future You Need. Your Bobablastic Franchise Opportunity Awaits.



Since 2016, Bobablastic has been a neighborhood hotspot, offering delicious Boba Tea, fresh poke, specialty desserts, and more within our specially designed carts!

Through extensive forethought and a dialed-in menu, the Bobablastic franchise opportunity is ready for franchise buyers just like you! Every detail is covered in our training program, marketing guidance, menu replication, cart build-out, and ongoing support, we just need your capable entrepreneurial skills to make a franchise come to life!

Why Join Bobablastic?

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With 6000+ combinations of Traditional Honey Boba deliciousness and more than 15 thriving locations, we have grown to be one of the top fan favorites everywhere we go! Our Instagrammable presentation is stunning for every one of our on-trend poke dishes and boba teas! The Bobablastic franchise system has been designed for ease of replication, placing a straightforward operation directly into your hands.

What else makes Bobablastic the smart choice in the franchise marketplace?

  • Fun day-to-day operations; travel to fairs, festivals, stadiums, theme parks, and more!
  • Strong ROI potential and reasonable upfront investment.
  • Minimal staff needed.
  • High-demand, on-trend menu items; naturally boosted social media presence from visitors!
  • Sustainable practices include Mason jars, eco-friendly packaging, and bamboo straws.


Who Fits Bobablastic Best?

We are seeking to award franchises to candidates with the following qualities:

  • Understands Influencer Outreach and Social Media
  • Energetic People Person
  • Meets Financial Requirements
  • Flexible Lifestyle/Enjoys Event Work
  • Fantastic Customer Service Skills


What Every Bobablastic Franchisee Gets

Comprehensive Training: We teach you everything you need to know to successfully operate your business! Refresher courses are offered annually.

Operational Support: We continue to provide guidance in all areas of your business to propel your business onward.

Field Support: Gain insight & support from our field supervisors throughout the life of your franchise.

Marketing Guidance: The Bobablastic brand has created a unique visitor experience that naturally beckons social media attention! We supply you with consumer marketing plans and materials to effectively market your franchise and to enhance the entire franchise network.

Exclusive Territory: Each Bobablastic territory will consist of an estimated 30,000 to 50,000 population base.

Ready to Roll?

Have fun and make money in a streamlined operation backed by experts! For more information, visit

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