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Baya Bar’s founder, Bill Loesch, understands that franchise opportunities can move the concept national. 


Baya Bar’s founder, Bill Loesch, understands that franchise opportunities can move the concept national. 

“My vision is to see our brand across the nation, to help people be more aware of what they are putting in their bodies,” he said. “You need to be transparent about what’s in your food.”

The other benefit to creating a franchise system is helping others create their own businesses. Loesch says:

“I believe in this very strongly. I want to give this opportunity to other entrepreneurs. There are plenty of people struggling, people who don’t love the “9 to 5 grind”. I want to help other hardworking people build their own business. They may not know how to do it, but they can follow our process. We can help change lives.”

In support of this vision, we are offering healthy food franchise opportunities to qualified entrepreneurs for a specialty acai bowl and juice bar retail and café business model, to operate under the trade name ‘Baya Bar’.

Baya Bar offers healthy food options to customers & communities in a fun & positive environment, one bowl at a time. By offering the largest Acai bowls on the market that are also 100% organic, we are dominating each market we dive into. We are looking for Franchise Partners who wish to start (or convert) their own businesses, and who understand the benefit of building upon a proven business model and established Brand strength.


We know that you have many healthy food franchise opportunities available to you. However, like our founder, those who consider a Baya Bar franchise are looking for something beyond the ordinary, a business with a greater purpose. Do you want to create a meaningful business that not only generates revenue, but also brings healthful, tasty, nutritious snacks and meals to your customers? If so, you may be just the partner we are looking for!


Baya Bar is committed to serving up smoothies and smoothie bowls that are crafted with enthusiasm to be both healthy, delicious, and aesthetically pleasing, with our smoothie bowl and juice bar franchise opportunity. Products made from nutrient-rich ingredients such as organic coconut milk, organic cold pressed apple juice & other dairy alternatives, full of vitamins & healthy fats, all with no added natural or artificial sweeteners, Baya Bar is providing a premium product in the acai bowl market with our smoothie bowl and juice bar franchise opportunities.

“We take great pride in balancing wellness with terrific flavor in products that can improve our customer’s moods, productivity and energy levels, all while helping them power through their demanding days.”

Baya Bar brings this same commitment to excellence and positive energy to all aspects of the business, from their lively social marketing to their colorful, fun, comfortable outlets and popular online presences.


In early 2016, Baya Bar founder Bill Loesch was at a crossroads. Although he had achieved his goal of a Wall Street career, he wanted to make a change in his life. He took a trip to clear his mind, and along the way decided it was time to do something different. He returned to New York to quit his former dream job, and put his background as a Financial Analyst to work as he began months of research and development on a relatively new concept for Brooklyn and Staten Island – the Acai Bowl. Acai is a fiber-and-antioxidant-rich super fruit from Brazil that had taken the West Coast by storm, and which was gaining ground and moving East, creating a new demand and market for the product.

Loesch developed his recipes, and got ahead of the East Coast Acai trend by opening his first Baya Bar in December 2016, in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, serving up bowls full of ‘freshness, fiber, fuel and fun’ that help bring well-being to their consumers.


Baya Bar credits a strong social media marketing program for much of their marketing success. They built Instagram and Facebook pages well before the first location was opened. This allowed word to spread in advance of the opening, and got people talking about them and anxious to sample their creations. 

They have continued to use social media to share new products and new locations as they open. The strategy is working, and the crowds continue to come in for a snack or a meal. The Baya Bar audience tends to be mostly women and young folks ages 14 to 34 – a client base that loves to share photos of beautiful food on social media, which means enormous amounts of free marketing for the Baya Brand.


Loesch wants to move the concept to a national level through franchising, with a few goals in mind: to create a strong well known brand across the nation; to bring great tasting healthy food to the masses; and to help consumers become more aware of what they are putting into their bodies


Baya Bar management is absolutely committed to the success of our franchisees. We have channeled the passion we bring to our food and our Brand into the creation of a world-class training and support program for every step in the healthy restaurant business and franchise development process, from the selection of the best store through ongoing store management.


When it’s time to find and secure your best location, you’ll have access to our in-house real estate agent. You are not required to utilize this service, but we know from experience that we can leverage our brand strength and knowledge to obtain the best possible lease agreement terms for your new business. For example, we can walk you through making sure your potential site has the necessary infrastructure in place to support a Baya Bar Franchise, and, if needed, can work with the landlords to obtain upgrades to create that ideal location.


Your training will be provided in three important steps. 

-First, you’ll attend a Corporate training with key Baya Bar staff.

-Second, you will spend time at an existing Baya Bar location getting to know all the aspects of managing a store to both reinforce the Corporate training and to prepare you for the opening of your own store.

-Third, you’ll benefit from a one-week, on-site mentorship in support of your opening.


During this 3-4 day franchise training, you will learn about all of the elements that make the Brand and healthy restaurant business model unique. You will learn to prepare the menu the Baya Bar way, how to maintain the superb quality of the food, and how to keep discarded food to an absolute minimum (to prevent waste and to keep costs in check). Making sure the products you will serve are up to Baya Bar standards is critical both for maintaining the integrity of the Brand and for giving your store the best possible chance for success. 

In addition to the food preparation, you’ll spend time learning store management processes, including:

-Day to day operations;


-Tracking the cost of goods compared to sales;

-How to handle payroll costs to ensure you aren’t paying too much (or too little) to your staff;

-Finding the sweet spot of staffing vs. customer service and quality for your location;

-Handling customer relations;

-Advice on the licensing and permits that you’ll need to obtain for your store;

-And more!


We’ll reinforce your franchise training by having you spend a week in an operating Baya Bar healthy restaurant business location. During this time you will work right alongside the store management and staff, doing everything from opening the store to preparing food to cleaning and closing the store. We’ve found that franchisees who invest this time are far more calm and confident about running their own store, right from opening day.


When it’s time to open your location, you will receive a full week of support from an on-site Baya Bar staff member. Together, we will walk through every element of management, including:

-Opening the store each day;

-Cleaning schedules;

-Prepping each shift for success, including shift close-out processes that allow the next one to pick up the store seamlessly;

-Inventory management and ordering;

-Prepping and cleaning the fresh fruits and vegetables;

-Closing the store each day.


One major, ongoing benefit of becoming a Baya Bar franchisee is access to our Enterprise QuickBooks (if you choose to use it) and to our in-house expert book keepers. These accounting professionals intimately understand the workings of our stores, and can easily spot if anything is amiss with inventory, payroll, vendor costs, and more. You can utilize our recommended Point of Sale system, or the one of your choice; as long as we can gain access to your data, we can keep your books and help spot trends that should be addressed. This saves you valuable time and effort from creating these processes for yourself, and the trial-and-error of learning to manage these aspects of your business.


We take every possible step to be sure you have all the proper systems in place, the quality training that’s required, and the mentorship that you need to feel confident about every aspect of managing your new location.


The following is an overview of the key benefits and investment required to be considered for a Baya Bar acai bowl and healthy food franchise. Complete details on how to own a juice bar are available in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).


As a Franchisee, you will have the benefit of a comparatively low investment required to start up your acai blow and healthy food business. By owning a juice bar from Baya Bar you will benefit from the strength and backing of our established brand and and operating systems and enjoy the ongoing support of our Franchise team. You will have lower product and operating costs as a result of our buying power, and a proven business model that you can replicate as you start your own location. You’ll also be able to leverage our strong social media presence, and most of all, be a part of our widely recognized – and loved – Baya Bar Brand.

Don’t create your business from scratch when you can build upon our proven culinary innovation, marketing expertise, training, and systems


We offer opportunities both for new acai bowl and healthy food franchises, and for conversions.

We are looking for new Franchise Partners who are hungry, personable entrepreneurs who would like to establish their own Baya Bar location, and who can take part in actively growing the Brand presence in the US. 

To be eligible to be a Conversion Franchise Partner, you must be:

-Excited about the Baya Bar brand, and about becoming a part of our ongoing growth;

-Liquid for at least $250k;

-Friendly and personable;

-A problem solver who can work through challenges in the conversion process;

-Looking to grow your existing business through becoming a part of the Baya Bar brand.

We love owner-operators and do everything possible to provide support and resources to help them establish their own locations.


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