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Step into a rewarding business of fun and family connection! All In Adventures is the franchise opportunity for the entrepreneurial- hopeful wanting to enhance their lives with a sustainable business! 

INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE. INVEST IN FUN. All In Adventures: A Fun Franchise for Everyone!

Step into a rewarding business of fun and family connection! All In Adventures is the franchise opportunity for the entrepreneurial- hopeful wanting to enhance their lives with a sustainable business! 

All in Adventures was first started in 2014 by founders John Reichel and Chetan Patel as a way to connect with family and engage in more quality time; now our brand has over 30 locations! 

With four activities to choose from within our streamlined system, All In Adventures is a high margin model!


As an All In Adventures franchisee, you will be engaging in an explosive industry with the strategies behind you to bring in revenue! Our concept is different by building out within malls where foot traffic is constant; we have relationships with 7 major mall companies and that number keeps growing! Enjoy flexibility within your model, utilizing our four activities as you choose — Game Show Rooms, Beat the Seat, Axe Throwing Rooms, and Mystery Rooms. 


Gain procedures, processes, software, customer service techniques, and marketing that are all proven to work! 

Differentiated day-to-day schedule and flexible lifestyle. 

Axe Throwing Room — Unique patent technology that is a game changer for the industry. 

Beat The Seat — One of a kind 2 minute entertainment system designed by All In Adventures. 

Game Show Room — Unpredictable, family-friendly live game show experience for guests of all different ages, backgrounds and group sizes! 

Mystery Room — Our games change every 16 weeks, keeping us unique from our competition and the local market coming back for more. 

Wide customer base — tons of customer potential! 

Costs are relatively low, producing strong potential ROI. Negotiated relationships with vendors, advise for build-out and construction, and help with lease negotiations. 


We need franchisees to take All In Adventures to the next level! Do you have what it takes for this adventure? 

Outgoing, fun, friendly 

Strong customer service abilities 

Great at time and schedule management 

Operates with excellence and integrity 

Meets basic financial requirements: $245,700 minimum investment capital 

Serious Fun. Solid Support. 

START WITH TRAINING Our training program kicks off the adventure, including up to two weeks hands-on training at one of our corporate locations and two days at your location. 

ALL IN OPERATIONAL SUPPORT Game and event planning, suggested pricing guidelines, customer interaction techniques, administrative procedures and more are all included in our ongoing operational support. 

THE ULTIMATE MARKETING GUIDANCE Our marketing collateral and branded designs are developed for your location and for the benefit of the entire network! 

ACTIVE FIELD SUPPORT Our All In Adventures Field Expert visits your location every other month for the full first year! 

EXCLUSIVE TERRITORY Gain an exclusive territory! 

Start Your Adventure

Strong income potential with room to scale are here! Fun, family-centric environments full of laughter await you! Are you all in? To get started, visit our site at ALLINADVENTURES.COM/FRANCHISING

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