Adrenaline Monkey franchise

Adrenaline Monkey franchise

Adrenaline Monkey is an adventurous franchise that empowers every member or visitor to achieve their goals and feel invincible!


Adrenaline Monkey franchise

Adrenaline Monkey

Adrenaline Monkey Franchise: Where Adventure and Business Meet!

Adrenaline Monkey is an adventurous franchise that empowers every member or visitor to achieve their goals and feel invincible! This is an exciting, adrenaline-pumping opportunity to love your job and pursue a passion for adventure and fun. We are seeking franchise partners to join our team and bring our heart-pumping, challenging obstacles throughout the nation! Franchise buyers will find a turnkey operation with a perfected business model and a well-loved concept all with reasonable investment costs! We are poised for growth throughout the nation and need qualified candidates just like you to join our crew.

Adrenaline Monkey

A Brand New Opportunity

Our mission at Adrenaline Monkey is to inspire physical activity, provide empowering experiences, encourage a sense of adventure, and develop the skill and passion for movement for anyone who is willing to try. We love to bring families together, offer team-building experiences, and present challenges that will get everyone moving!

Adrenaline Monkey

Birthday parties, group events, corporate team builds, and membership packages all provide multiple revenue streams for your franchise, as well as in-house food options and arcade. We provide you with everything you need to set up your adventure center to perfection and jump-start you with a dual phase training program. Not only this, but we provide our franchisees with support throughout the life of their franchise. This opportunity has sprawling market applicability, reasonable overhead, a proven business model, and a unique concept that everyone loves! For people with a passion for adventure and physical challenge and who would love to join a rewarding business venture, Adrenaline Monkey may be right for you.

Adrenaline Monkey

The Right Adrenaline Monkey Candidate

  • Family-oriented and Comfortable with Face-to-Face Daily Interaction
  • Dedication to Amazing Customer Service
  • Maintains Ethical Business Practices
  • Great at Developing a Culture
  • Natural Leader
  • Great Appreciation for Adventure and Physical Challenges
  • Integrity, Honesty, and Excellence
  • Meets Minimum $1.6 million in Investment Capital
  • Understands Scheduling/ Time Management
  • Basic Business Acumen

Adrenaline Monkey

Adrenaline Monkey Support and More

Exclusive Territory

Franchisees have an exclusive territory based on population and median income.

Comprehensive Training

The Adrenaline Monkey training program provides you with everything you need to know to successfully launch, operate, and grow your franchise! Plus, 2 sessions of refresher training per year.

Field Support

For the first year, we will visit your Adrenaline Monkey franchise on a monthly/bi-monthly schedule. We work to ensure accountability and replicated practices that have contributed to the ongoing success of our brand.

Operational Support

We want to see you succeed! We provide support within safety guidelines, customer service techniques, administrative practices, and more.

Marketing Guidance

Our Adrenaline Monkey marketing services department will work with you to develop collateral to be used at the local and regional level.

Site Selection

The Adrenaline Monkey team will guide you on the very best location for your business.

Adrenaline Monkey

The Next Step

The entertainment industry is ready for your Adrenaline Monkey franchise! Ready to join in on this adventurous concept! To get started with Adrenaline Monkey and for more information on the franchise process, please complete the form for more detailed information. 

Adrenaline Monkey

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