Children Orchard


When kids get too big for things that they own, Children’s Orchard finds stuff a new home.

It’s a whole new kind of resale store. You’ll notice the difference when you walk in the door.

Like an organized play room or a neatly made bed, our store’s clean and tidy with bright signs overhead.

Established: 1993
First Unit Franchised: 2006
Franchised Units: 29
Company Owned Units: 0
States Registered In: All, but RI and HI
Canada Franchises: No
International Franchises: No

You’ll find plenty of bargains, all the stuff’s just like new, and our resale prices are a selling breakthrough.

Shopping is easy with a place where kids play, We’d love to have you stop by. Will you visit today?

We specialize in kids’ clothing down to size zero. If you’re raising little ones, Children’s Orchard makes you a hero.

Stores are owner/operated. Store owner manages the store manager and staff

• Utilizes cloud-based reporting to analyze and manage efficiencies of inventory, staff, and cash flow

• Exports financial data into QuickBooks

• Utilizes advertising and social media tools to build business volume

• Recruits and on-boards & trains staff.

IDEAL CANDIDATE: Couples are great – where one can keep their career job to cover household expenses, while the other starts up and runs the business. 

Parents are great – where they are the financial backer and mentor to their adult daughter or son who starts up and runs the business.


Financial Assistance Provided: Yes
Site Selection Assistance: Yes
Lease Negotiation Assistance: Yes
Recruiting Assistance: Yes
Co-Operative Advertising: Yes

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