Franchise Your Business

If you own a business and are looking to franchise your business model, Hire G.I. can support your efforts in scaling, branding and developing your franchise system. Hire G.I. works with industry leading professionals to develop franchise networks. When you franchise your business, you need the right platform, documentation, legal work and other tools necessary to roll out a successful franchise model. Hire G.I. works with franchise consultants across the U.S. and Canada to develop the right strategy and then execute franchise development models. There is an additional value that franchises developed through the Hire G.I. systems are then entered into the Hire G.I. marketing and placement services to recruit and focus on veteran franchise owners.

Strategic Planning

Developing the right systems, processes and procedures necessary to define your brand and business model and create the appropriate systems needed to franchise your business.

Franchise Legal Work

FDD and Franchise Agreement development work needed to offer the franchise and register the franchise across the U.S. and Canada.

Franchise Operations Work

Creating the operational documentation and training manuals to teach, train and replicate your business model through franchising.

Franchise Marketing and Sales Documentation

Hire G.I. will work with you to develop the right presentation, materials and work needed to promote, market and sell the value of your franchise offering.

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You hear the word “transparency” get thrown around a lot when you are talking about business transactions, but Veterans Own Franchises not only throws the word around, it is the basis of who we are. Clear cut, detailed information from all parties can ensure that the buying/selling transaction is satisfactory to everyone involved. It is the easier way to do business. We offer a central location where you can do your research whether you are a buyer or a seller to find out more about:


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