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Join Hire G.I Franchisor Membership.

We invite you to become one of our exclusive franchisor members. We want organization that have a strong mission to give back to our veterans and spouses. Working with Hire G.I will allow you to show your support for our Military hero’s.

Extending a hand to those who have served our country and put their lives on the line adds tremendous value to any franchise concept. Veterans need our support, just as we need theirs. Helping vets who struggled and fought for our freedom should be a no-brainer, and it is important to instill this value and appreciation for their service into every employee.

Veterans are accustomed to working in an incredibly structured system. They not only go by the code of conduct – military men and women give their all on a daily basis and deliver loyalty, duty, selfless service and integrity. This positions veterans as ideal franchisee candidates.

Benefits Of Membership

Your membership strengthens the power of franchising in the military marketplace and in the representation of franchising. As a member, you receive:

CREDIBILITY - Members are viewed as Military Friendly within the Military community.

ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES - Reach Million of veterans and spouses looking to enter the franchise industry by partnering with the Hire G.I

Required Qualifications:

Application and Fee

Audit (Franchise Feedback & Suitability of the Franchise)

Minimum Veteran Discount 10%

Minimum 2 years in business

Minimum 1 year in franchising

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  • We have several referral partners who specialize in franchise funding. They will review your personal situation, and educate you about various funding options that would best suit your needs.


You hear the word “transparency” get thrown around a lot when you are talking about business transactions, but Veterans Own Franchises not only throws the word around, it is the basis of who we are. Clear cut, detailed information from all parties can ensure that the buying/selling transaction is satisfactory to everyone involved. It is the easier way to do business. We offer a central location where you can do your research whether you are a buyer or a seller to find out more about:


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