Chris Conner – Franchise Marketing Systems and Veteran Franchising

Chris Conner – Franchise Marketing Systems and Veteran Franchising

Chris Conner has worked in the franchise development industry since 2002 and specifically supported the development of new franchise brands and business models in order to create sustainable, scalable and effective distribution channels through franchising.  Mr. Conner began his career working in franchising for a large franchise consulting firm in Chicago where he had the opportunity to work with several hundred franchise brands and see the success of many of these new franchises transition from company owned growth to franchise growth and in some cases create franchise networks in excess of several hundred or even thousands of units.  The franchise business quickly became a passion for Mr. Conner as he found sincere enjoyment in working with entrepreneurs and business owners who had paved their own way with their own brand and business model. 

In 2009, Chris Conner founded Franchise Marketing Systems from a home office in Atlanta, GA and out of the global recession an opportunity to carve a market niche in the franchise consulting segment was created.  The unique element that Franchise Marketing Systems recognized was to not only support the franchise development process for new brands, but also to market and sell the franchises for the brands that were brought to market through the development process.  Mr. Conner provided many of the traditional franchise consulting services needed to create a franchise platform which included strategic planning, business planning, FDD and Franchise Agreement creation with the support of third party franchise lawyers, operations and training documentation and the necessary marketing development.  Marketing development included brochures, discovery day presentations, franchise development websites and application forms needed to promote and sell the franchise offering.  Where Franchise Marketing Systems was able to differentiate from the rest of the industry was in also managing and executing the franchise sales and recruitment side of the business.  

In building franchises and supporting franchise development, Mr. Conner recognized quickly the value and opportunity in working with Military Veterans who were now business owners or franchise investors.  Brands such as EventPrep which is an event planning franchise owned and operated by two veterans which in the first year of franchising has been able to expand to almost 20 franchises across the country.  VetCor, a veteran owned restoration franchise out of Tampa has had immediate success in expanding the restoration franchise.  FireMaster, a franchise which provides fire restoration services and fire safety management had success in selling almost entirely to veteran franchise owners and the unit performance was incredibly consistent with almost 100 nationwide units in operation.  Over time, with more successful franchise stories involving veteran business owners, it became obvious that veterans and franchising go together well. 

Franchise Marketing Systems now works with a large percentage of brands which are either veteran owned or focus specifically on recruiting veterans as franchise owners.  The beauty of working with a military veteran as part of a franchise is that you have the best skill set, training and mindset possible before the franchise engagement even begins.  Veterans by nature are great at following a plan and executing within the structure of a defined system.  They are typically consistent, dedicated and understand the idea of working as part of a team and with a bigger overall mission.  Veterans also have access to lending resources and financial means to support their opening a business which are not necessarily available for other non-veteran business owners.  Today, Chris Conner and Franchise Marketing Systems continue to work hard in supporting veteran’s success in franchising and franchise development.  The opportunity for veterans in franchising and for the franchises that choose to work with military veterans is significant and any brand not focusing on this market is missing potential for growth and long term positive working relationships with people who care and are committed to the success of the franchise network.  

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