Chocolate Bash Franchise – a Fun Franchise for Veterans

Chocolate Bash Franchise – a Fun Franchise for Veterans

You’ve hoisted, hauled, hiked, and served your country. You’ve listened, followed orders, stayed on schedule, and carried your load. You’ve done it all willfully, joyfully, and with pride for your country as a United States military veteran. There is a question that now looms: what’s the next step? Chocolate Bash, a fun California-based company, is beckoning veterans to join their team through an exciting, enticing franchise offering. There is much to be gained within the franchise experience, from monetary to personal, and Chocolate Bash is the place to do it.

The Chocolate Bash concept is rooted in its overseas-inspired delicious treats and drinks. The company was founded by Rasha Albasha in 2016 in Newport Beach, California, a popular tourist destination. It quickly gained traction, beckoning the masses with its array of menu offerings and a varied drink selection. The company makes and sells sweet crepes, waffles, fruit salads, Belgian chocolate-dipped fruits, hot and cold drinks, and so much more, all pleasing to visiting tourists and loyal locals alike. The Chocolate Bash menu is full of eye-pleasing, instagrammable food items, that have helped launch the brand forward through social media buzz and word-of-mouth referrals.

Veterans will feel right at home within the Chocolate Bash model. For starters, the company carefully trains their franchisees, taking each new business owner through everything he or she will need to know to properly and successfully operate its Chocolate Bash franchise from the start and through the years to come. Beyond the initial training, continued field visits from qualified Chocolate Bash supervisors will ensure that your Chocolate Bash franchise will stay on track and march on to success. The franchise opportunity comes with operational, marketing, legal, accounting, and purchasing support, offering a team-like camaraderie and gifting franchisees with the know-how to operate all aspects of the business properly, without the guesswork. 

The Chocolate Bash brand offers a special reprieve to veterans that is full of fun and excitement. Since the franchise model is completely laid out for you, operating the business is less stressful than most other ventures. Further still, the ongoing support keeps the franchise operating smoothly without the typical difficult decisions that come with a start-up. The opportunity for impressive profits and a low initial investment provides an excellent way to become a business owner without the usual hassle or stress. 

Chocolate Bash is actively seeking to award franchises to entrepreneurial hopefuls that have served our great country. Veterans will be impressed with the structure, certainty, predictability, and low-stress atmosphere of their Chocolate Bash business. For more information on the Chocolate Bash franchise offering, please visit their website at .


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