Hire G.I. The business serves those who have served our country. By assisting with the transition from military service to starting a business. We help service members and veterans become successful in the Franchise Industry and work with Military Friendly Franchisees that have a strong interest in veterans

Let us help you find the perfect franchise.

You’ve already perfected the tools needed to succeed while in the military – leadership, personnel management, determination, and good decision-making. Many franchises specifically seek out veterans to partner with, and many have special programs that offer financial incentives to military veterans, and military spouse, to support the success of those who have served our country in their civilian lives.

Hire G.I. Business has already provided thousands of veterans with a smooth transition out of the military and into business ownership. Our discovery and matching-base methods and business consulting allow our clients to discover opportunities that are a perfect match for what they are looking for after service.

We operate on a “Must Win” principle. We we won’t stop until we find the perfect business for you to invest in, that will provide a “Win” for you and your family. We look at your transition from your prospective, and provide you the most comprehensive, objective, unbiased and meaningful advice to reach your dream of owning a business.

Start the path to owning your own business by speaking to one of our coaches today!

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